The killer cleans the kitchen. Sorry,

"Sack fat" opens the heart of the fugitive was "spy" with the family to transfer 7 million money in 6 months, part of the dowry. Including car. Buy a house and spend it. I do not know why. Initially, the intention was to kill both the parents and the spies. Quote from: But accidentally murdered. The family contacted the lawyers who helped to clear the case of Phuket. Hope to get fewer punishments. I was willing to file a lawsuit against a family of spies money of 7 million at night, confirming the transfer of all police who brought "fat" to testify. Before the prison sentence was immediately sent to prison.

After the police received a letter of wisdom, or "fat" 39 years old from the Cambodian authorities. He is the last big accused in the murders of MP Paveena or Spina Muang Ruk, 20, and Anantachai or Phitsanulok, 21, were shot dead, two dead in the parking lot. Cross the Buddha image cliff Khao Chi Chan, after Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi over General Chakhipai Chaijinda, deputy head of the police, joined the questioning and then made a plan to confess the crime scene before sending it to the police. After Jomtien Persecution

Progress on August 23, reporters said the more intelligent or bold. Detained in a prison cell. After Jomtien Still in a state of languor. But eat and sleep as usual. The police had to stay open for the rest of the night and at 4:00 pm a man claimed to be a Fat Fat brother. I do not know what to do. It takes less than 5 minutes to get out of the hospital immediately.

In the afternoon, the police officers carry the fat from the control room on the second floor of the hospital to the suspect's room on the ground floor. The testimony of the witness confirmed that the killer. "Spies – Phoss" by the fat to be there when the police volunteer to wear uniforms like the common people. The witness can point to the correct confirmation. I will take the fat to put it back in the control room until 3 pm. Ao Thong piece from Pattaya Police Department. The police investigate the case of Mr. Panya Ying or Sue Fat, 39 years old, from prison. To travel to the Pattaya Provincial Court. On accusation of killing each other, think about it. Together there are firearms and ammunition. Wear firearms and ammunition in the city. Village or public road without permission

When the police brought the fat man from the cell down to pick up the carriage, the suspect was parked in front of the prison. "I'm sorry, sorry for what happened, 7 million baht was actually transferred, there's some evidence on the slip." In the book, what's in it? I'm not sure if this is a good idea. "Sia said obesity" He was a holy man, guns, three shots shot, not shot "for the police to get the prisoner's car." The police forcefully escorted the car and led the way to the Pattaya court. "Questions about deposition and protest filed against the bail Because it is a shame High penalty Fear the accused to escape or get confused with evidence There are no family members or lawyers to apply for bail Then the court sent the fat to the Pattaya prison keep under control.

Reporters added. While the fat is limited to. After Jomtien The researchers have questioned the motives behind this atrocity. I'm not sure if that is true. I was afraid to be spies and family spoofed money 7 million over the 6 month period. Part of the dowry is concerned with buying a car, buying a house and transferring money to use it. This plan is meant to kill. It is not the same. I do not know why. The second time they saw the dead, they embraced each other. First in mind to shoot the cliffs of Khao Chi Chan. But I do not mind and sit in the car until they both come back in the car to kill the atrocities.

In addition, during the fat storage of the prison. A lawyer who talks with the police to discuss the matter. I do not agree that the lawyer said that. I need family members of a personal lawyer who has closed a case in Phuket to release the charge. To help make this case. I hope to get fewer penalties for a chance to go to jail soon and leave again. And to discuss the money that 7 million has been transferred to the family spy. To be continued to the fat because I have collected evidence. To transfer money to everything. If you buy a car to buy a house, you have to think that fat fights by assigning a private lawyer to act while being imprisoned.

The reporter. "I'm sorry," he said. After Jomtien One of them fainted. Why do you have to kill me before I go to the hospital? The reporters to meet such volunteers is Mr. Apinan Pusit Sukcharoen deputy chairman of the police volunteer oppression. After Jomtien Just left What Yansang Wararam What Woramahawihan Reveal the story above that description. Yesterday for the police to bring fat to make plans. To prepare the place and to divide the scene according to plan. During the conversation with another volunteer. This is a good business. Why yellow pages? Then I can not remember anything. I feel like I was in the hospital and still got confused about how I had to stay in the hospital.

"Ask friends, tell me … At that time I got the rage that Isaan was killing me, I also have to sing Isan, even though people in the central region do not speak." This happens about 10 minutes. the pick-up was taken to the hospital, "he said," It's not like this epilepsy. "The body and the mind are always strong." "I do not know what the cause was." When I arrived at the hospital, my symptoms were The doctor did nothing wrong, but did not have a fever to sleep one night until the doctor came back to check the wrong things Can not conclude what it is Before leaving home Personally it is possible that the deceased soul has arisen. I think the two souls might know that the villains have already done that.

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