The Luang Poo kum mixes Ratchaburi Ratchanit's zest for life Siri 91 years old.

The Luang Poo kum mixes Ratchaburi Ratchanit's zest for life Siri 91 years old.

At 16.00 on 26 August in Wat Nong Suea, Yang Prasat, Nong Suea, Ban Pong and Ratchaburi Phra Dharmaporn. Primacy of the province of Ratchaburi Chief priest Mr. Narongsak Hommalai, Secretary General, Ratchaburi Call the royal body to the funeral. Phra Krua or Miss Luang Pu Khun Kun, abbot What Nong Suea Yang Prasat After becoming ill, infected in the bloodstream and senile. Peaceful at Thonburi 1 Hospital, Bangkok at 14.59 on 24 August. There are many famous monks and nuns such as Phra Kru Siri Pho Rak or Luang Por Ngai Aphrodite, Wat Pho Si, Pak Tho and Luang Por Thong Suk. What Nong Pla Duk, Ban Pong, in the midst of the sadness of the servants who came to the funeral.

During the ceremony, Mr. Narongsak Hommalai, the secretary of Ratchaburi. The official wearing a white uniform. Call the royal body to the funeral. Back to the top of the page When the chairman of the candles, candles, Phra Rattanathibeth. Candle light To present the canvas. Primacy of the province of Ratchaburi President of Thai Turtles Water Bath, together with the grandfather in the cooler. Set up the prayer for the body of metaphysics for 100 days before you gather the body into the temple to worship the people.

After the ceremony was completed. The villagers took part in the ceremony to worship and meditation grandfather built a large amount of money to keep the religion and schools.

Phra Khru, Phra Krua or Luang Pu Kham, formerly known as Kham Son, was born on February 13, 1927 as a villager, Don Sa Sa, Tha Pha, Banpong who was initiated into the temple in 1949. Later in 1960, he was a teacher of Buddhism to the monks of Wat Nong Suea Yang Prasat. In 1964 he received the title of abbot.

Luang Pu is respected by his disciples and villagers. It is a merciful person. Social assistance The villagers built roads. It is also a good place to study. The school building and scholarships for students who study well. Good behavior But lose. It also promotes the study of preaching to the monks.

Luang Pu grandfather is the subject of Yan, diamond armor and the subject of fortune taught. Van Luang Pho, the black ape, Wat Tha Sung, Uthaithani, for the holy object of Luang Pu has been parallel in the field of security. The "Kitti" coin is the first sacred object from 1971. It is built to make coins and promising objects of many generations. By 2018, the "Medal of wealth" and "After the diamond armor", which is the final version. The temple was built to support the construction of the temple at a height of 5 inches 2 cubits 9 inches.

In September 2015, Luang Pu began to feel bad and was admitted to the Ban Pong hospital. With bleeding in the abdomen. He was then admitted to the Thonburi 1 hospital. The results showed that liver cancer. And are continuously treated. At the beginning of July 2018 the symptoms started to weaken and medical care was of great importance. And the peaceful death at 14.59 pm on 24 August 61 passed Siri Aged 91 years 70 years.

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