The media use conscious style to strangle Thai know digital media.

"The Royal College of Chulabhorn: Immigrate the youth and use the media" Nithi Mahanon.

Are mobile players Behavior can be observed at all ages. Especially youth groups who can not deny access to social media. Surfing the web is a daily routine that everyone does.

Family knowledge Digital media

"Healthy Digital Family" is a media-smart style to support "the project at the Royal College of Chulaphorn." The event will be held from 20-26 August, 11: 00-20: 00 at Central Plaza Westgate, youth and public interest. In the digital age of Thailand, Dr. Nithi Mahanont, Secretary of the Royal College of Chulaporn, said that Thailand is entering the digital age, Internet for every home, communication and information collection can be done quickly. The public, especially children and young people without knowledge, understanding, not knowing, and no strength to use the media properly, it can influence the children themselves, and there are now reports in the media about the treatment of many patients. The problem of patient care systematically and adequately, Prof. Dr. Her Royal Highness Chulaporn Walailuck Royal Princess President of the Royal College of Chulabhorn He has a social pr obleem. And the nation about the problem. The importance of family institutions. It will be a major obstacle to the screening and implantation of immunity for young people in the field of digital skills and information literacy. Take inspiration in the creative and social use of the media.

"Prof. Dr. Somdej Pho Chulaporn Walailak Royal princess He foresaw what to do to help the people Especially children and young people Let us know And understand the use of digital media correctly He was assigned to the Royal College of Chulaphorn. Help the Thai children understand the use of the media correctly, it covers the use of knowledge for parents, teachers and the media. "It's a good idea to use digital media," Nithi said.

Illustration !! Check for sharing

"Mike" Pattaradej reserves the right and "Peak" Phatrnsaray Suwannasiri, actor or participants in the discussion "before you share, think before you share or transfer information, will be investigated before being asked of knowledge. it's real or fake, and then to share that information with the actor, there can be news stories that distort reality, the story is not correct, a lot of people might see it as a joke, but the person being called is not funny and damage to those people.

So I want everyone to think and check before they are shared. Or believe them Many believe and share the information immediately without checking. Including the use of social media. Especially young children who use social media in inappropriate expressions. Everyone wants to share. Offer useful information. Do not use emotions to become aware and parents should play a role in education. Help the use of online media by following their children.

Songkarn Genius The famous lawyer The name Pao Bum Jin said that sharing information should see if the source is coming or not. If it is not true and shares information. May be prosecuted. To check the information, you must go to the agency of each agency. I do not know why. But it can be called to testify. Now a story events has many of the consequences of online data sharing. It is an example that everyone can see. And now with sharing false information. Or parts in the case of slander can be charged with defamation. Not illegal under The law on computer crime, 2560 only important to use the media to benefit. Be creative with yourself and others.

Create a media template.

"Teachers", said Kiattisak Pirom Klang, a teacher in group 6, on the Bangkud market, that nowadays it must be acknowledged that it is difficult for children to play social games. Because all children are mobile. With his free time he will be raised immediately. Someone who secretly plays in the classroom. And most of them use their mobile to surf the Internet, upload their personal profile and play games, many of which mimic inappropriate behavior. It is a big problem at school to reduce the use of online media. The school offers children free time to play. Only play during breaks. Or use to find information. Useful to learn alone. But when they return home. I did not go to school.

"The Royal College of Chulabhorn Organize learning activities with the help of digital media Social media And training in various matters It is very good To ensure that children learn the proper use of the media Especially of ethics Etiquette in social Because now all children or even adults Used for social purposes Online etiquette, etiquette, inappropriate behavior, inappropriate behavior, these activities will be part of the promotion Teaching children and parents Parents play a particularly important role in monitoring and intervening in the use of online media instead of punishment, including external agencies Actors are a good example of digital media for children, because children often do not obey the teacher, or parents as prototypes, actors or other people, he likes it, " said teacher Bob.

Invitation for Infographics Media Contest

The program is divided into 3 main activities: wiring activities, the use of digital media. Through exhibitions and discussions on topics such as ethics and etiquette when using social media networks. Using online banking (internet banking) Creative parenting in the digital age Online business Risky behavior is illegal. Online gambling And protection of online privacy. From the famous speakers. And star actors to share useful experiences. Activities are available in Central Plaza, Westgate (Central Bangna, Nonthaburi) between 20 and 26 August, Central Plaza Shopping Center, Nakhon Ratchasima, August 30 – September 5, Central Plaza Chonburi. At the same time there will be a competition for media, graphics and video clips under the topic "Healthy digital family". E-mail the Strongman Cup. Prof. dr. Dr. Her Royal Highness. Chulaporn Walailak Royal Princess Opportunity for students, students and the general public to participate in the presentation of ideas. About digital media Encouraging awareness and awareness of the use and protection of digital media in children. Young people started admission in September.

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