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Suvit Ketmanee

2 missions 8 principles 3 reforms push Thailand to the world 1

Dr. Suwit Maysin, Minister of Science and Technology (SC), said in a seminar on "New Ministry: Opportunities and Challenges for Universities" at the University of Kasetsart. Research is considered an important driving force for Thailand to become a first world country, such as South Korea or Japan. The country has a GDP of more than 3-4% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of Thailand. It is about 0.9-1.0%, but it grows every year, more than 70% of the research is at the university, so the future of the country. It depends on the university. The Ministry of Higher Education. It will be an important opportunity to modernize the higher education system and the research system of the country. The key to this change are the 2 +8 Reform + Reform principles.

The two missions are: changing the structure of the country into an innovation-based economy. The 8 principles are to change the country into a first world, to define the future, to create a platform for change. And create innovative possibilities. Take the direction and shape the future of the country. Improve knowledge and skills in the field of research and innovation. Independence with responsibility. Reduce the government as much as possible. Mobility of staff. And design the budget system that suits you.

While 3 reforms reform the management system. Regulatory / regulatory reform and reform the budget system.
Prof. dr. Dr. Udom Chintham, Minister of Education, said the Ministry of Higher Education. It is a locomotive to create people of high quality. Have skills to respond to the market. Future changes And create new knowledge. Add value Change the economic system as a knowledge base. Powered by innovation. The government expects the ministry to link with the national strategy of Thailand 4.0, including the private sector and civil society. The procedure is now being discussed at the Council of State. The government has appointed a special committee to end with the August must be completed Cabinet and the end of November the law will happen. There must be at least two laws, namely the Higher Education Act and the Research and Innovation Act. I believe that this will happen at the right time and end before the elections. I was afraid when the new government came. New operation may not occur.

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