The Muslim Brotherhood together in prayer

The Muslim Brotherhood together in prayer The same as the Tha Brik Mosque, Tha Brat, Pak Kret, Nonthaburi …

On 22 August, journalists reported that the Thai Muslim brothers perform prayer prayer ceremonies in many areas. On the occasion of the Dhamma Hijri-year 1439 or Hari-day, or the great god of Thai Muslims throughout the country. And Muslims around the world. Like Tha Muen, Tha Brum Mosque, Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, more than 5,000 Thai Muslims, men and children came together to perform the prayer ceremony. The Tha Brion mosque mosque, the adviser to the mayor and the Prime Minister of Thaksin, Imam, Mujahiddin and the Muslim community in Tha Sao.

Prayer for this New Year's Eve. It is the most important operation. Muslims of all ages will have to pray together in the mosque at the house. After the prayer was treated to listen to the Qutb. Then there will be congratulations and apologies to each other about what has been misused. Either intentionally or unintentionally and donate to children, the elderly or poor. And to visit each other.

Today, Muslims, men and women, will wear new clothes. To welcome New Year's Eve And more importantly, on the day that Edilah is a sacrilegious curse (Quran), which is considered by Muslim Muslims. He will come closer to Allah by sacrificing animals to Him. For bovine animals slaughtered in the ritual, there will be cattle, goats or sheep. Most people in the area like to slaughter cattle, because a cow can be divided into several parts and the whole family can eat. The slaughtered meat can not be sold except for food.

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