The new communication with the jitters as the cabinet resolution.

New transport announcement "Chaiwat Khunkeang" Director of the Office for Transport. Ready to move the car. I'm not sure what to do. Powered by the National Strategic Plan.

Normal rank highest government level The president of the ministry usually grows through departmental departments. The route will be sent to the permanent chairman of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. Many of the former permanent secretaries are usually from the Department of Transportation, such as the Department of Highways.

The Cabinet resolution today (21 August) appointed Mr Chaiwat Khunkun, Director of the Office for Transport and Transport Policy and Planning, or OTP as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport. It is quite a shriek in the Ministry of Transport.

Even Mr. Chaiwat himself. It has been found that Thairath Online. The past afternoon I know the news that the government has approved the position of permanent secretary of transport. "I feel creepy" because I do not believe that. I have been in the Department of Land Transportation for about 30 years and the OTP will be trusted for about 5 years. Cabinet appoints Deputy Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management

"Never been informed before, or contact The people in the government about the position I work without thinking about the position The function of this is to steer the transport strategy According to the 20-year national development strategy and transport system if B has been placed since then, the senior vice president of the Continuing Department. " Chaiwat.

Traffic problems are one of the most important tasks. Now in Bangkok Have it hard There are many cars, but not enough roads and the construction of multiple electric lines at the same time. According to plans to build about 10 projects, this will gradually be completed and open until the year 2024. The bus system will be connected to the network. People travel the easiest.

The problem with this car. Has the problem accelerated. With some adjustments to the route. Construction system in the construction line. Believe that when the train is open, the whole system will travel more convenient.

In addition, traffic in large cities across the country. Public transport is also mandatory. The image in the rail system in Bangkok in the BTS. The city has high-speed trains. And double rail A transit system for long-term development.

Chaiwat was born on November 30, 2502 and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering. (Civil Engineering), University of Kasetsart and Bachelor of Laws. Faculty of Law Thammasat University and Master of Engineering and Transportation Planning. After graduating, I started working as a yoga engineer at the Department of Land Transport. Before moving to the deputy director of OTP 5 years ago.

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