The number of MPs has been reduced to 23, 54 Ph.D. East seat lost 10 30 seats

Reporters reported on September 19, 2018. Government Gazette The Electoral Commission has announced the number of MEPs in each province. And the number of constituencies divided by the constituency of each province. The 350 MPs are divided into constituencies, each constituency has 350 MPs in total. 1 person in a province with no more than 1 MP can be considered a constituency. And each province has more than one MP for the province to be elected. The number of MPs that should be. On 31 December 2017 there were 66,188,503 people in the constituency. The average number of inhabitants is 189,110 people per hour, the number of MPs has dropped from 23 in the previous year. The number of MPs is 23, consisting of Bangkok, 33, 30, 3, 2 and Kalasin. The others 5 people Chaiyaphum 7 people have left 6 people Chiang Mai 10 people left 9 people Trang original 4 people over 3 people Nakhon Ratchasima original 15 people 14 people Nakhon Si Thammarat 9 people over 8 people Nonthaburi 7 people over 6 people The original 9 people have left 8 people Ayutthaya original 5 people over 4 people Phetchabun original 6 people over 5 people spread the original 3 people over 2 people Roi Et original 8 people over 7 people the original 4 people over 3 people Sakon Nakhon 7 people over 6 people Saraburi original 4 people over 3 people Supanburi original 5 people over 4 people Surin originally 8 people over 7 people Ang Thong original 2 people over 1 person Udon Thani original 9 people over 8 people Uttaradit 3 people over 2 people and Ubon Ratchathani 11 people over 10 years

There are 54 provinces with the same number of MPs. Even in this number there are 41 provinces that, with a population of 189,110, have calculated that the average number of MPIs increases, but still results in the same number of MPs each year. 2557 by 54 provinces are Kanchanaburi 5 people Kamphaengphet 4 people Khon Kaen 10 people Chonburi 8 people Chai Nat 2 people Chumphon 3 people Chiang Rai 7 people Trad 1 people Tak 3 people Nakhon Nayok 1 people Nakhon Pathom 5 people Nakhon Phanom 4 people Nakhon Sawan 6 people Nara Matthew 4 people Nan 3 people Bungkha 2 people Pathum Thani 6 people Prachuap Khiri Khan 3 people Prachinburi 3 people Pattani 4 people Phayao 3 people Phang Nga 1 people Phatthalung 3 people Phichit 3 people Phitsanulok 5 people Phetchaburi 3 people Phuket 2 people Mahasarakham 5 people Mukdahan 2 people Mae Hong Son 1 people Yasothon 3 people Yala 3 people Ranong 1 people Rayong 4 people Ratchaburi 5 people Lopburi 4 people Lampang 4 people Lamphun 2 people Sisaket 8 people Songkhla 8 people Satun 2 people Samutprakarn 7 people Sumom War 1 persons Samut Sakhon 3 people Sa Kaeo 3 people sing the Marine City 1 3 6 Thani, Nongkhai, Nong Bua Lamphu 3 3 2 2 Charoen Thani.

In the north, 36 people have been reduced to 33 people in the former east. 126 people have been reduced to 116 people in the Central. 82 people were reduced to 76 people in the south. 53 people have been reduced to 50 people and the former Bangkok MP reduced 33 people to 30 people, the sector has not changed. Eastern Thailand has MPs. 26 people and the West have MPs. 19 people

The reporter. The next step is to follow the requirements of the Election Commission on election divisions. The provincial election director divides the province according to the number of members of parliament in 3 forms within 14 days and within 10 days to receive opinions from the political parties of the people. There are 20 days to consider when choosing the best model. To announce the 50-day election division, The expectation is that the process will be completed within 60 days, which will be completed by mid-November 2018, before the MPC election will take effect on December 11, 2011.

Click here to read the full Announcement of the Election Committee.

Source: Matichon Online

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