The police arrested drug lord Saraburi in the middle of the Naga & # 39; -parade before 500 meters

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August 25, 2018


The second largest network of drug trafficking in Saraburi, along with "Watthong Thong Som", a network of drug trafficking in Naga before 500 meters. Rock name Must give up

On August 25, Major General Sommai Pangsukpopsaid ordered the police to break down Preech. Department of Police Suppression I am not sure if this is the case. And Mr. Sarayuth Thareerak, the twins, the main network of narcotics in Saraburi, and Mr. Wattana Thongsom, a network for drug trafficking. While riding a carriage, Naga to organize a temple in Ban Muang, Saraburi in the morning. After being indicted as a conspiracy order to launder money related to drug trafficking.

Because of the process. The police have expanded the results. The launch of Operation Chaiyaphum Pae 61/6 last June. I was arrested on my way to Chai. And Mr. Sarayuth Tharerak, the twin brother drug traffickers in Ban La, Saraburi and in Lopburi. Mr. Somdet The villains are shot dead. Mr. Chaiwut could move and stay in the neighboring countries. From the investigation of these two accused. There are financial routes involved with the two suspects. By transferring money. And the money went to money laundering to buy real estate. And a lot of real estate. And from the research of Mr. Wattana. There are arrest warrants in cases of drug trafficking. Banmot police station There are two arrest warrants and two police arrests at the Phra Phutthabat police station.

However, the reporter said. The priesthood. Will be party tonight. And there are concerts by famous rock artists. But everything must be given up because of Naga. Only 500 meters from the temple.

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