The police secretly take control of the fat & # 39; from Hmong to Bangkok and the press conference tomorrow.

The police secretly take the fat & # 39; car over via Poipet. He Aranyaprathet It is a good idea to have a good helicopter. The official killer-phoss killer press release

At 20.20 on August 21, 61 at the border of Aranyaprathet, Sa Kaeo, while the Sa Kaeo. Control at Aranyaprathet Checkpoint Permanent Transit Authority House, Aranyaprathet District, Sakaeo Province. 2 black and white Fortuner brand unknown license number Along the border crossing Aranyaprathet. From Poipet Cambodia Come quickly in Thailand. I do not have to stop until the inspection and then take a phone call. Lt.M. to facilitate the two cars.

When questions I know this is a car inspector general. I need more or better information from the office of Poipet, Poipet, Cambodia. Then bring back the Thai side without telling anyone. The media are waiting for news for the border of Aranyaprathet. Nobody has taken a picture. The secret to & # 39; thick & # 39; to be in Thailand, this is a fraudulent plan of the police. Wanted to escape the media.

The reporter. A fat man was brought aboard a helicopter, one of the two ships, accompanied by a high policeman, flew directly to the national police station and it was expected to take about an hour to get the investigation. First brought to the press conference. Gene. Chatchai Chaijinda, Deputy Head of the Police, according to the schedule of the police.

It is reported that Bangkok, when it arrives, has control over fat in its place. I have prepared. And tomorrow will be the official press conference. I have a friend who was killed. Tomorrow morning

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