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Phra Chaiwat Printed a biennial Phra Phutthabat (coming) the temple of the realm of Bangkok.

The opening of the court with the teachings of Luang Pho Tha Niyan to cut off the karma that came from many texts. It is a way that I stop the border. The right cut is to stop the evil, but stop the sin to stop the revengeful feud.

The first amulet is very beautiful today is the ring of the Suzhou period of the Tang Dynasty. There are indications that the Siamese began to enter the Sukhothai period. Trade with China.

Bellring It is a small Buddha statue. The simulator of. Guru Guru Guru De Mahayana Mahayana Believe it. The way of the Buddha From the record says that built in Tibet, published via China in Khmer until arriving in Siam, when the traders rushed to slang to trade in the sea, which was in danger of storm surge. So popular with the worship.

Chinese Charms To have a good relationship with the trade before returning, it is often a gift to the business partners and becomes a popular souvenir to to make a ring in Thailand.

Under the bell is the Chinese bell, "the bell outside" is imported from outside the country. Most Popular This is one of the most popular and famous meat products in the world.

as second Wat Phra Chaiwat is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Thailand.

Phra Chaiwat The image is high. The most popular. About the great promising opportunity of the country. By the boss The most famous is

Chaiwat Chaiwat was the main custom in the ceremony. The most famous of the most popular from the past to the present day is Chaiwat Phra Phutthana (Thao Come). The annual Victory According to the original formula of the Phra Pao department. The size of the ring. But the shape of the Buddha. Pendulum diamond medallion above the lotus base is a black metal back. Similar to meat

It is clear that he has made the term. The ceremony is not very important. There are only 10 true gods in this number, of which only 3 are beautiful and one of them is that of Sisaket – I Chavalitrong is a beautiful original. I go out I was in that state to this day.

The other two. It is a beautiful past. The news has recently changed. And will soon see the audience. The other is bought to be silent long gone. – Currently, the trinity has 3 parts that cost 4-5 million because of the power of sacred beliefs.

that is recognized. Thanks. What Thepsirin once said that his father, who served as a sheriff. At Suphanburi Apply tracking bandits.

His father was shot. Go down But if you look. It appears that bullets appear in the chest as red streaks of bruised blood group. But no meat. And indeed, because of the power of the Chaiwat that you have received from you as a disciple of protection.

The third is his god, the home crowd. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the seventh most popular type in the game. I just won the 1st prize, just tell me you're a member. I have to say that this is a good place to start. I took it together. It is a small, amusing society. And people want to. This club is friendly.

Previously, Gen. Vissanuphaniporn the medal of the 9th throne, a very nice pillbox, a set of 4 medals. Krom Luang Chumphon In the temple of Devasatit Nakhon Pathom of Chadada Chokmuttham there is a bronze statue of Chao Anan Preecha Suphirun.

Dr. Pu – Dr. Apichat Chitjaroen, Phra Buddha Navarakbopit, 29 years old, Wat Bovorn, Phitsanulok province. The Surin Grotto Pennant Thainess Parade, the father of elephants, elephants up to 35 years poor by the money to the lottery – those people are very happy. Because it comes with gold. I'm not sure if this is the right place for you. Golden sandstone Buddha Buddhist art from the Rattanakosin period 3 th.

It is known that on the embroidery machine a layered floor with five levels is displayed, called Benjapalak Suvarnabhumi (5-fold white chapel). The prince of the royal daughter – Buddhism. It is a narrator of the royal class.

For this Buddha. Made with Gilt Ratchawadee diamond with a layered 5-layer embroidery on the head. I have to say that it is important.

Buddhist art is a Fang from the Rattanakosin era. The same The golden sandstone is imported from abroad. Sheep is a Buddha. This is one of the most beautiful and beautiful places in Thailand.

Next item is the Phra Nang Phaya Krok Kao temple in Phitsanulok province.

Usually this party is usually the most popular picture of the royal line about the beauty of the championship will be a bit beautiful but very nice. This is good for this price.

Followed by Phra Nang Phaya Prue Nun, Wat Nang Phaya Phitsanulok from the same dungeon. It is rare in the fine print. This is a very simple and beautiful god. I do not know what to do, but I do not know if it is expected between the middle of the end …..

The next one is thanks. What Thothon The princess clan again. The famous of Sukhothai.

Even another gender with the same name. Second class ranking If the art of the Sukhothai period is pure. I have a higher age. And holy power. Have a good name. Great compassion And protection. It has told experiences. This is the best part of this type of censorship from Sompong Sompong. Hong Sri City is not normal, because it is the million plus plus …..

He entered the new field, which is now Luang Por Sothon. What Samanatanaram Wat Chachoengsao is the strongest because 1. Amata. From the Luangpho Sothon Prince 2. The first generation Sothon Luang was graciously received. The apostle. Give the name of the Buddha.

3. Organized for charity purposes. Have merit I have to go to the hospital. Help people free from diseases. 4. The holy ritual is held three times, the temple is Wat Ratchabophit. Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Phra Kaeo and Wat Phra Kaew. I prayed and prayed to the Buddha. All this makes the series warm.

to facilitate the merit. Prachat Thammasat (Pairat), the abbot, so the Luangpho Sothon 4 articles popular. There are 10 priests, 10 silver medallions and 10 silver medallions – If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. On 08-1983-0400 or add line id @watsaman or go to the temple.

and then came to an end. Born in Ta In restaurant. Suburbs of Nakhon Pathom

On the morning of Buddhist Lent, the regularity of Mr. Yuthana, Mr. Shah Hui, Lime Sian Anan, to make merit to the nearby temple. I'm not sure if this is the case. Nowadays the popularity of Phra Nang Phaya is very different, because there is a lot to choose from and is excellent.

Sian Anan said that the queen of the temple, Phitsanulok, the most popular, but he said he accepted. But that's a rich man like me, I think. The queen of the wall

But Mr. Chin argued that the charm of the princess is not uncommon because of the age of construction.

Everyone listens and accepts, but there are voices in my mouth that I think that where she fights her husband, I have no great mercy. Because I live with it for 30 years, I still have to love the same thing. And a super power. I am very jealous How much do you keep? It is good to live a good life. )
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