The red flag of the Diamond River & # 39; flood has flooded the economic area.

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August 22, 2018


Department of Lands up flag red "Diamond River" crisis flooded into the economic area. The villagers took brick sandbags. Housing protection The situation is still disturbed after repeated rain.

On 22 August, the reporter reported the water situation in the city of Phetchaburi around 3 pm on 22 August, that the water was higher upstream from the Petchaburi river and penetrated the city of Petchaburi. walking Especially on Matayawong Road, Tambon Tha Pla, Amphoe Mueang Petchaburi. The villagers brought a bag of sandbags to the water to prevent them from entering the shelter. Some houses are made of bricks and mortar protection. On the municipal market, floods are about 1 foot high at the lowest point and spread across the area. The villagers said. In the morning the water is not high. But in the afternoon the amount of water continued to rise. I am afraid that the flood will enter the shelter. When the rain falls again. The Royal Irrigation Department has a red flag. Phetchaburi flood warning Critical level

At 3.30 pm the rain rained continuously. Increase the water volume. At the temple slope of Phetchaburi The monk brought the pram to the pagoda and prepared it.

For watershed in the river Phetchaburi at the Urupong bridge. The 15th Army (Ram 15) Camp, or the Battalion on the Phetchaburi River, has flooded more than previously flooded areas. The military officers have brought a sandbag to make a barrage of water, but that is not possible.

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