The setup of Erik Leerur! I do not know what to do.

It is a matter for many people to remain unhappy in the case of a 30-year-old, or "Chic". The owner of the beauty salon "La Dream Clinic" decided to commit suicide. And there are links to various causes.

This includes the skirmishes with the former good friend of "every deer". Very was accused of being a fraudulent 14 million, probably one of the main causes of the suicide-girl model.

The latest progress at 14:00 on 17 September at Thai TV Channel 3, Rama IV Road, Mr. Ong LEERERER or ERG, 30 years old. The press release was later addressed as an attempt to commit suicide.

I began to explain the claims that he deceived 14 million of the chic that the truth is to start a business with their chic. Starting with the Thailand Clinic Open Beauty Clinic at Ramindra Branch Later, the clinic opened in the Bangna branch.

At that time, the company's money was used to decorate both Ramindra and Bangna's place. We understand that this money is ready to support each other. I do not know how to do this.

After a partnership has taken over the role of doing business with chic. And this collaboration has asked them for a chic, separate business beauty clinic. By telling them to manage in the Bangna branch. Do not be associated with the Ramindra branch.

They are happy Later, this partner has checked that the account has lost all the money 14 million and is focused on the chic and responsible. Even if it is explained as an expense to decorate the place, but he does not listen, he must therefore accept the debt.

However, due to the lawsuit in relation to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), they must be the signature of the debt repayment.

But they are willing to accept the debt. Because they do business. I hope to find money back. But it also became a threat to the people of debt. And confirm that this money does not buy guinea guinea.

Mr Ong said that even if we do not have two companies together. But also contact via the line. Normal conversation I have no quarrel with us 2 people still love each other. But that past chic told me that. Must show people that we are fighting 2 people.

Because I always said. When we quarrel The fiancée's family of the fiancé. This will help to support the company. I do not have to get tired, chic once told about the fans of chic. I have not seen the page. But always chic under the pressure of the fiancée family.

Leave letters to know for everyone. I do not know that I am forced to write. The news is considered a manuscript. I do not know who this is.

Mobile and notebook news I do not know where to go. The room was not there. The one who gets is the other partner. Everyone wants to help each other to find evidence. Because they are not afraid.

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