The "Student Weekly" magazine has been closed for 50 years.

Reporters reported today (October 1) reported. Student week (student weekly) or S Weekly The current edition has been closed and the latest edition has been published on September 30, due to the current lack of English learning. But information and learning tools turned around in the online world. And accessible from mobile phones. Let magazines adapt to survival. It will develop content, news, vocabulary and pronunciation. The online messages on the Bangkok Post Learning website are subsections of the Bangkok Post website. For more information English.

For magazines Governance Weekly The magazine is Bangkok Post. Founded on June 30, 1969, or 49 years ago, Kaleidoscope was ranked as a Variety magazine before it was renamed Mindyweyweywe and Sequel. English for youth At that time the magazine Nation of the magazine Nation is a competitor. Like the Bangkok Post newspaper, the Nation is an English-language magazine that teachers use to teach English in high school. And it was a magazine that many schools across the country had to buy in the school library.

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