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Dr. Thongthong Phanchanchin, Director General of Royal Irrigation Department, said the amount of water in the Yom River in Phrae increased after being affected by the storm "Beacon" (August 21, 61). Y.20 After Song Phi Phi, Phrae Water flowing through 192 cubic meters per second (m3), will probably decrease continuously at the Y.1C station. Pass with a speed of 397 cubic meters / second and Y.37, district Wang Phe, Phrae Province, with water running at a rate of 818 cubic meters / second, will flow to Y.14, Si Satchanalai Station, Sukhothai Province. 61). The amount of water flowing through 712 cubic meters per second is expected to reach a maximum of 800 cubic meters per second on 22 August at 61.00 on 01.00 – 02.00. The water is about 3 meters below the water line. Water management To reduce the impact on the city of Sukhothai, the Royal Irrigation Department has planned to manage the water in the Yom River. When the water flows from the upstream to the lock gate in the Gulf of Thailand (Petronas), the water for the pond will be kept. And divide the water into Yom-Nan. Through the six-sided lock gate The water in the river. And the old Yom River with speeds of 100 and 150 m 3 / s respectively. The water flow through the bridge bridge of the beach. With a maximum speed of 650 m3 / second, it will be diverted into the small channel on both sides of the Yom River. At the maximum speed of 150 m3 / s, some water will be sent to Khlong Tawan and Klong Bang Canal. To regulate the water flow through the city of Sukhothai (Y.4 station) with a maximum speed of 550 m3 / s, not to ship. Consequences for economic and community areas in the municipality of Sukhothai.

The water from Kaeng Krachan Dam currently (21 August 61) is 777 million cubic meters, accounting for 109 percent of the total capacity of the reservoir. As a result, the area of ​​Kanchanaburi and Tha Yang has low floods along the low banks along the river, but the amount of water in Kaeng Krachan Dam is likely to begin to decline. For the dredging the Royal Irrigation Department led water to the irrigation system. The D9 drainage channel is approximately 120 cubic meters / sec. The rest will control the current through the river to Phetchaburi. With a speed of about 160 m / s, it will flow through Tha Yang and Ban Laad. The expectation is that tonight it will be around 9 pm in the lowland area in the municipality of Phetchaburi. It is affected in some places by flooding water. The water situation was reported to the province and related bodies. Speed ​​up sandbag supplements in low areas. The flood is expected to flood. The public has been continuously informed of the situation.

The Royal Irrigation Department cooperated with the Petchaburi province and relevant authorities. Integration of monitoring and monitoring of water situation closely. Especially in flood risk areas. Prepare to install the pump for tapping. If there are flooding in the community. Economic zone And agricultural areas as well as mechanical preparation. tools and staff to help people 24 hours a day.

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