This morning, Channel 3 news – the bride and groom! unsuccessful peace I am not sure what to say.

August 20, 2561 | 0 minutes 0 seconds

Former son-in-law! unsuccessful peace I'm not sure what to do.

Today (20 Aug.) Around 01.00 hours two people were injured in a gunfight and two people were injured in the village of Nong Ton, Ko Lanta, Muang District, Prachuap. Police research kit And check the public safety tug Tamarind House Bunting.

The scene is a one-storey house. Before the house in the house and back to the blood, many long roads spattered. One male trauma survivor, known as Mr. Boonmee Pungsang, 49, was stabbed in the belly. Two serious injuries were reported to relatives in the Prachuap hospital. Police officers arrive sooner before the operation. One woman was injured in the accident, the victim was Mr. Chaiwat Lee, 32 years old, he had 3 stitches in the abdomen and body. Terrible with weaponsKitchen knife

Then drag the engine and escape to the unknown fate of the wounded. The officers and family members have mobilized to find out where the villains have lived. The injured mother is worried about the help staff to find her daughter. I'm not sure how to do that.

Bua Luang Pansang, 47, the mother of Miss Kusuma, said that her daughter and daughter had argued before the incident and often muttered to her son, strangling her daughter's neck and using her daughter's knife. one was told to me in the hospital. City of Prachuap.

Currently, his daughter has said goodbye to her son of about 3 months, because she can not tolerate behavior. But the previous son. I try to come up with a lot of requests. I have been rejected and rejected.

By the end of this day, in the middle of the night. His daughter has returned from the sale of mango mushrooms in the 300 to the top of the house and is about to demolish. Dad was willing to help his daughter get into the car. At that time his son drove a motorcycle. I went to the front of the house and walked over to my daughter and said: "No, you do not have to take it." Then she pushed her daughter three times until her daughter fell unconscious on the floor. I will help the daughter of a son's former son to wound his stomach twice, who did not threaten to follow.

Then she dragged her daughter into a motorcycle and fled. She and her daughter are afraid to be attacked and come into the room and call for help from the police.

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