"Three Sam" Shuko solves the problem.

Saturday, August 25, 2018, 11.51 am

"Three Sam" Shuko solves the problem.

On August 25, 2016, Mr. Thanakorn Wang Boonkong, spokesperson for Sammitr Group On August 24, Somsak Thepsutin, former vice premier And the vocal group Sammitr. The area of ​​Khon Kaen. To participate in the academic discussion. "Cattle" Government policy versus "on" cattle family: sustainable Thai agriculture "organized by the Beef Association Farmer Council or Khon Kaen Khon Kaen Premium Bee Cooperative Ltd. at Khon Kaen Agricultural Extension Office

The invitation to Mr. Somsak. This presentation shows that the policy of the cow husbandry of the Sammitr group led by Mr Somsak also received the attention and feedback from the farmers. Mr. Sometimes you want to point out that the cocaine policy. Present. Can help farmers escape debt sustainability. Money to finance the village. In this day the Farmer brothers are indebted to Village Fund 3 to know what they have to pay.

For the breeding program. The state grants the borrower a loan to feed two families, the weight of which is borrowed, and then 10 years back to the loaned weight for a period of 10 years, if the 100 percent of the loan is borrowed. It is possible to breed up to 100 species, but we think that only 25 percent will have 25 cows, this will strengthen the brothers. And agree that the Association of Cattle Association has proposed the establishment of the organization to promote cattle in Thailand to take care of this directly.

"The trip to Somsak's lecture is not a political move, because it's a planned appointment, and it's just to explain to farmers that they see and understand it, and cow husbandry will help farmers escape poverty. that the government has now adopted a project to feed cattle, "said the spokesman Sammitr.

The reporter. This project is supported by 7 June BE 2560 (2007). General Sansern Kaewrueng, spokesman for the prime minister's office, said the cabinet The budget for the emergency or necessary budget for the year 2017 of 1,028 million baht will be approved by the Department of Livestock Development. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and cooperatives. It will encourage farmers in Sakaeo area where there is a shortage of water. Every year, 6000 cattle are sold, including 30,000 cattle, 30,000 baht each, for a total of 900 million baht. The conditions for the farmers to send the first 5 months old woman from the first 5 months of the herd to the cattle breeding project according to the guidelines of the state.

The reporter. In the past, the government supported farmers in the same way as the cowboys. East Green Project Eventually it became a plastic cow, not a cow and a million projects. With the establishment of the Thai Farmer Business Promotion Company, the project was not successful.

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