To get the well-known teacher, Preecha broke the 30 million lotteries.

Teacher Award Do not confess in court. Place on the message. As prosecutor, the prosecutor filed a request to assert guilty. I'm not sure if this is the case. This time another arrest contribution is submitted. Charon Postdoctoral attorney immediately thinks or informs. Hold me to the confession Is not the only word used in the case. It also contains the lie that there is nothing to accept that there is no real one. With the opening of the 30 million lottery clips.

In the case of Mr. Preecha Kaennakan, the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Jaroen Wulun in Black Case No. 1863/61 accused of misappropriating property robbery. Kanchanaburi Provincial Court has two parties to investigate the first case on 4 The second June, June 29, the third July, July 23 and August 20, the Provincial Court of Kanchanaburi has filed another case against the accused. Personal lawyer ST. Connecticut. Chat. Charoonprasitporn. The post is posted in the way that Mr. Preech known. Cause the criticism.

At 8.00 am on August 21 in Ban Na Moo, 143/22 Moo 3, Pak Pan District, Kanchanaburi Province, Mr. Preecha declared that he had honored the monks in the past. It is a daily routine that they do every morning. The part of the case is in the court stage. They feel good about the issue that has reached this stage. I will bring the facts to court. The accusations they have admitted in court is not true. Mr. Kittipol The claimant. This is a good business. How can they confess? The confession must stand on the side of the accused.

"In the past, Sutra often wrote messages to himself via his Facebook page, which is not correct, in which case I have already informed the authorities of the accusations, which have been blamed by advertising under the computer law since April in the past. the subject needs revision. "Mr. Preecha stated.

Mr. Preecha said the last message claimed that he had known the case. The lawyer has consulted that this must be added to the course. In the same fate, but in the past, they have never reacted to anything. But he wrote his message via Facebook, which is now in court. The fact of the matter is to fight in court. The next session was on September 24, with four witnesses intervening.

Mr. Sittarak Bainamrit, Lt. Col. Jaroon The post has a personal page to the point that Mr. Preech prepares to travel to add the accusation of defamation. "I'll add more to it, think well Talk about a better idea I have lots of clips to collect the lottery Yesterday, he testified Can you imagine The Pieces It's not just words that are in the case used, it also means lying, saying "yes" to something and then accepting that "there is no truth".

After that post was published. I have many comments. In case Mr. Preecha. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Charoon on charges of misappropriation. Get the loot The provincial court of Kanchanaburi has planned the next hearing on 24 September, which Mr Preech has prepared in a fourth round for witnesses before the court.

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