Travel to China to communicate the information that ship Phoenix crashes. Drama in social

Tourism Authority of Thailand and Tourism Authority of Thailand Followed by the progress of the Phoenix ship, China closely monitors all aspects of the past nearly 50 days willing to fly to communicate to China to know. Drama in social

At 15:00 (August 19) in the Phuket Boat Control Center. Chalong Bay Pier Mr. Weerasak Kowsurat, Minister of Tourism and Sport The meeting was chaired by Mr. Narurat Noontthong, the Governor of Phuket, and Mr. Somnuk Prempramote, Supreme Commander of the Royal Thai Navy, Head of Government, Private Sector and Related organizations. To follow the progress of the collapse of Phoenix on 5 July 2061, the last 47 Chinese tourists died.

on three issues together caused by the accident. Provide healing and safety measures. On the way to Phuket, the boat announced the release of the boat off the coast on July 16, the last three of the Minister of Tourism and Sport. Communicates with the Chinese authorities. Including the Chinese media. Following the visit to the Minister of Culture and Tourism of China in August

. This ship collapses for the cause of the accident. In addition to the strong wind. In other causes Must wait for the Phoenix ship. Currently the port department is currently recovering but not yet completed. Because of strong wind. It can be clearly summarized. Including the national police. In the case of the Phoenix ship, 102 officers were appointed to investigate and investigate.

Phuket has announced it. The governor of Phuket said the measure was announced by the province. All ships must leave Czechoslovakia in 24 designated ports. The boat will leave the port must have a safe condition, both the boatswain, the boatswain, the boatswain, the passenger list. Passengers have to walk through the CCTV camera to catch the eye. And must meet the weather forecast of the Department of Meteorology. Set up a scouting platform to inspect ships that violate the declaration. Includes all online passenger data links. I have a good way.

The results of the implementation of such measures. There are some problems in the small port is not finished. If it is a large port, private service is more available. And especially Chalong Bay. It has ships in all sizes. And there are many. Fortunately, Phuket has allocated 144 million baht in Phuket to improve and develop it. Boats and other buoys are added, as well as the budget for tracking VTMS ships in Chalong Bay.

The implementation of these measures at the beginning, some operators have raised the issue of the inconvenience of the boat to leave the port. And the ban on ships off the coast. It is adapted to the wind. And the sea of ​​Phuket It is forbidden to be a risky route.

Minister of Tourism and Sport Asked about the red flag with the red flag and the green flag on the day of the incident. The focus of the Chinese media. Phoenix Ship Chinese social security measures to raise money for unpaid family assistance Captain cap of the captain

Mr. Sarayuth Mullum, president of Phuket Tourism Federation, said that as an agent of the meeting participants today, I would like to say that In Phuket, the ban on a complete boat The operator has been hit. Can not leave the boat for tourists to the nearby island, especially Hee Island. It is close to the coast. And the waves are no more than 2 meters and the past has not crashed because the waves were beaten. It is the calm sea and the safest island in the water.

The announcement of the prohibition of the boat off the coast must take account of the entrepreneur. It is a warning for the path. Especially the risky routes. With the measures taken, operators are ready to meet the highest safety standards for tourists.

Mr. Weerasak Kowsurat, Minister of Tourism and Sport After the meeting. Come to Phuket today to follow the recovery of the Phoenix. This is a close evidence. Can not recover from windy conditions. If the loan has been collected, the case will be continued, including the cause of this accident. And to meet the governor. 3rd marine sector and all related bodies. To know that the situation has been completed after death of the corpse, the other part is processed.

found that the operation was progressing. Remedies are almost fully compensated. Only one problematic account number. This has been followed closely with the consulate in Phuket. The 49th day of great merit has commissioned 102 people to investigate all issues. As far as security measures are concerned, the maritime route is right. Clearly on the control of the boat off the coast. And it will be determined that the boat will leave the island to the coast. This is to ensure the tourists from all over the world.

However. During the trip to meet the Minister of Tourism, China has a communication channel about the issues the Chinese are interested in and the cause of the crash is closely monitored. with assumptions It will be clear after the recovery of the ship. Maritime safety measures Communicate with the Chinese about the various dams that took place during the 50 days of the incident. And believe that many will show themselves. And many things to be the next.

And if Phuket is looking for a budget of 500 million baht to increase efficiency in maritime safety, Mr Weerasak said that budget figures are not important. But Phuket will have to offer more needs and benefits. Every year Phuket can generate huge tourist money.

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