Trpi ball! Not drunk enough I do not give money. Grab an ax, sneeze, deadly.

Sad scene I do not want to go back home, but I want to drink money, but my mother does not get angry. The neck of the neck died. I do not know what to do.

On September 5, 61, Phromsak Swanwarn, deputy director (research), district Na Wang, Nong Bua Lamphu province. I was told by the radio center that the child used an ax to kill his mother and fire the villagers. At Ban Khok Charoen, Wang Pan, Na Wang, Nong Bua Lamphu So report the supervisor. Policeman And the hospital doctor Na Wang. After Wang District Rescue watch the scene.

On the scene of the house at 150/2 Moo 2, Ban Khok Charoen, Wangpai Fort was found dead in the name of Ms. Liu, son of Taaka, 59 years old. Suwann Kaewthong, 29, a son Use an ax around the neck until the wound is missing. And the body. He died in the house of the accident by Mr. Boon Ton Kaew Thong brother of Mr. Suan. I must admit that Mr. Suan used the ax at the back to get a wound. The reason that Mr. Suan hurt his own mother. Suan went to drink alcohol from a funeral in the village. I am stunned by a car accident and have a nervous condition to regularly take drugs. I asked for money. But she has no money. This is the reason why Mr. Suan is angry. And the iron ax about 2 meters long in the house until her teeth to death. Then run away. I know that the villagers helped to catch it. For the school Ban Wang Fort. Policeman Napawan went with the ax from the center to the investigative officer Na Wang to prosecute.

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