Turns out the & # 39; spy & # 39; Coyote that rocks on the pole! 10 guests to drink richly

Although many media will have to dig up the love story of fat with spicy coyote, girl is a daily contact for a Sunday. But that is not the secret that the characters are in the cover of the truth. The story of fame in another dimension gradually came to social criticism, especially the real behavior of the dead & # 39; led to the murder of brutality.

And the more rotten water. When the character in the story, who is a fan in the bar fat. I do not know what to say. The staff in the bar of fat. With the news online. On the night of August 23, night, on the morning of August 24, in Bangla Road, Patong.

"The store has been closed since the new incident Shop staff The coyote PR must be spread out to work elsewhere I find this job I do not know if that is the case But it has to be done to the stomach I do not know The store is open again, if you have to close permanently, tell me that I am very sorry because the income from foreigners is one night huge. "

What is the source of herbs and fat from the beginning?

I work with fat for many years. Spies only came in the year 2559, I found love with fat and since then fell in love with each other. The beauty of the spy Do not assume class A of the store. At the moderate level He has a lot of charm and fatigue, it is more proud and love spy than the other coyote PR in the store have lived together since the year 2559 for breaking up only two months and then come back. Come together Before the accident is not expected.

I do not have a relationship with coyote in the store, but a spy?

I have some offline. But Spyware is the most important. And it is true. I'm tired of renting a house with a coyote in a restaurant. I have a lot of fat in the apartment in Patong and even the fat is messy with other coyotes. I know that there is a spy number 1 in my husband. Go to the place together. I have been eating for almost 3 years.

I know that Phos is not Pho, a man or a bisexual?

He is a man full. I know nothing but intimacy. I do not understand why people are assuming that Phoss is bisexual. Because I have two sexes in my eyes, I see him as a full man all the time. And many people know that he is secretly associated with a spy. I'll come back later.

What is the difference?

I like to arrange everything except money. The money to build a house in the province. Buy another car. I went abroad to go. Time to argue. The fat is fierce. I have to admit. "The behavior of the spy is not normal" is a provocation, the fat is often angry emotions.

Spies have to meet the guest, the attendees dance together. Do not be jealous?

This is not certain. He must be able to distinguish whether it is work or personal. If you end up in the store, finish it. I do not know what to do. It's on the coyote. Agreed with the guests I do not really know how you feel about the work of the spy.

The income of every night spies well?

10 drinks per night This does not include tips from guests. Foreign guests will pay. Some spies have spent nearly a hundred dollars. One month is counted.

That's a nice coyote. In the store Why is it so hard to love? Is there a reason?

I do not know. I'm not sure if this is a good idea. I really like someone He loves spies very much. This is due to the tires that have lasted for years. I do not cut.

Before the break two months ago, why do you come back together?

The man is like a tongue and teeth. I'm not sure if that is the case. And do not think the money is back, but it's good to come back together again. I do not know what that is. If not back together. This is not going to happen.

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