Two girl models sing filler! Closely responsible clinic

Beautiful girl model – Beautiful girl type two is the former football club FC FC FC by the media "filler" Responsible department Loss work – loss money – loss health After complaining to

On 20 August reported journalists from Trang that Mr. Vechapong (Resident Name) or a 34-year-old dome was located in Moo 2, Tha Phaya Sub. Polian, Trang to complain to reporters Deliver proof of access. In a private hospital, the nurse and the owner of the beauty clinic. Is a doctor in a hospital. Famous in the beauty and medicine industry. Van Trang and nearby provinces

by Mr. Vejpong. Self-injected fillers are fillers. At the beauty clinic at the end of September to October last year, problems after injection filler on September 24, 60 after the injection of 4-5 hours with closed eyes. Swollen face, contorted face I have never been injected like this. Make sure you are allergic to this substance. At that time they asked the doctor in the original clinic. Received a normal answer But when he was admitted to the hospital, another doctor confirmed that he was allergic. So they have to find information on the internet. It seems that the product is not standard.

Mr. Vachphong told us that at that time he had symptoms of about 27-28 days to inject and take medication. The pressure rises by 200-220 white blood cells around 13,000, which normal people do not. Then there is diarrhea. The doctor said that taking too much medication stopped the medication. Have you ever contacted the aesthetics clinic and once to contact a friend if you want to litigate or not. At first I did not answer. If the clinic is clear and responsible for this damage. Forward in self-care it does not matter. And the clinic must apologize to them. Because the clinic is attacking itself very hard. They have the same testimony.

Mr. Vachphong told me that, after the problem itself has changed in another clinic in Hat Yai, Songkhla said the symptoms of the disease. dealers residues Not only a point with cheekbones, cheekbones, cheekbones, some of which are not full. The doctor told me to wait for the inflammation. Treatment guidelines should remove pus. The doctor is very good advice.

"After the incident, Has an impact on the job Do not work, lose work, lose money and lose health I only sleep at home Do not dare leave the house It is a beautiful lover, so lacking confidence. routine is not finished yet The work to borrow 27-28 days, which now has to wait for better symptoms And find out where the doctor is good If you want to parse View profile I have a 50:50 side that I do not know how I should treat the doctor in Trang did not find this case, I have to go to the treatment in Bangkok. "

Outside this section, Mr. Vachapong also concluded. I want to leave an example for everyone who wants to be beautiful and wants to spray. I have to study a lot. I used to be a beauty consultant. The responsibility of working on duty. Exchange with the customer's sincerity. Use the self-test page. There are new products. Do you use it? I was beautiful. If it fails, it will affect part of the money. Nowadays I admit that I am in my face.

Reporter reported that Mr. Vejpong was the first beautiful girl in the city of Trang. Do not be fooled here. Is a beautiful girl type two Go to the event. And it is up to the former PR football club FC

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