Udon Thani City Police & # 39; Uraporn Bird & # 39; Prison Mortgages lose 49 million

1 in debtors who have problems with debtors' property. Celebrate celebrity singers Travel with the public prosecutor. Mrs. Urai Pah Wong or "Uraporn Bird" the famous city of Udon Thani. I have to travel with. Pol.Gen. Aran Boonmun Mo. Deputy Director (research) Municipality of Udon Thani "Little Bird Urai" Was contracted 4 years ago to lend a land title of 33 hectares worth 49 million baht to mortgages with creditors outside the system.

Mrs. Sudarat Phuphananee The owner of the 33 ranch told me that. I have two monks in Udon Thani. Then one of the two priests launched 33 hectares of their land with a value of more than 49 million baht to go to. Little bird Urai Mortgages with creditors outside the system. Agreed that within 3 months, the bird redemption evening will be redeemed. It is time to move on to the fourth year of procrastination.

"I live in the United States, early in the month before we flew back to Thailand, I want to sue pap Police lieutenant Surachet Khunpawan, deputy commander of the tourist police The car lost but the police refused to give up This car has now been restored Travel back to Thailand, this time will be busy with. Little bird Urai Because of the lies lie. He will look at this. I still do not follow the contract. Need to fly back to the United States. The whole story is long. For more than 4 years the bird was lying all the time to pay 100,000 tickets. I will record the deed again. But not.

Why do we decide to borrow $ 49 million?

Because the gods respect. And I sent them to graduate. It is guaranteed that the night will return with a light within 2 months and that the bird is a famous Uraphon. I do not think it's a good idea to borrow for 1 year, then 2 years, then still nothing good for 4 years, and also lying repeatedly. Take the police to talk at home. Take the lawyer to sign at home. I do not want to bring that back. I admit that I now feel very miserable.

The saying about which he lied is repaid and then moved again. What is the reason?

He also said that he was waiting for money to sponsor the job. This company Yonder This company will bring money to us to wait and wait with hope. He will give us some money first. Or to make money to redeem the country, we really have it because many years ago. Family problems American companies earn less money than before. We have to take the place to sell. Earn money with business expenses. Now the family is very heavy.

This country is the only property of us?

In Thailand there is only 33 rai land in Udon Thani with a high value. And we want to share the sales. But we decided to give him confidence. There is a contract with the lawyer. I do not think he will cheat, we will lie to our family very unhappy.

I know that signing a contract. Has a lawyer taken action to bring a lawsuit?

We have all the documents, audio clips and video clips that the lawyers signed. Including testimony of the witnesses that the bird that Uraporn had promised to confront. And lie repeatedly. Now I have to go to the police Udon Thani police, who is a good agent for you, and say that I will mediate. I want to wait until the police see what will happen. If it is not progress Then it will be prosecuted immediately.

We still have some money. Have you ever had any news before?

I know nothing and know no news. All in all. Just know your own story. He did not mess up the land title to us worth 49 million people. Do not go to attention. Because it is not about us. Has he ever been to news before? I just do not know how to do it myself, I do not think I would think of anyone else.

That said, there are two figures for recruiters. And what is the borrower?

One of the photo's that we sent to complete a doctorate, the other at home, we respect a temple abbot. He came to the mother. I'm sorry to hear that.

"At last to the temple there is a door closed Do not understand how the priests do this Time for me and family donate money The size is not small The other villagers would want to know the same money they want to go to the government authorities. I've checked the case with the money. & # 39;

In the proof We can be sure that the parties are right, right?

Mr. design I do not know what to do. But the police put out his hand to help. And promise to arrange mediation to wait to see this day in Udon Thani. Daily Record The proof that the parties asked. The lawyer, the police and the media have debts.

Note that there are video clips. Audio clip with?

4 years to come back to Thailand. I try to say goodbye, not to wait, just to wait, no hope. Until the last time I do not think that is the case. There is no need to say it again. I gave my niece Video clip And the sound cut out. Where are the signatures made for a lawyer? What will happen?

Is not he scolding against you?

"I just do not fight because I do not want people to become famous in Thai society, I do not know what to do, what is this?" Society has to know because I and my family are very unhappy.

Do not be afraid of the fan club. Will we attack? Do not you also like this news?

I do not know what to do. I think it is not private to take it. But I want to listen to me a bit. Now I am very miserable. Adult family members are sick Doing business is not nice. I have a debt that I have to pay back. I have been studying in the United States for 2 years now, I want to think about his mind, "Uraporn Bird" lied to me over countless times over a period of 4 years that my child will not pay. Wait, hopefully the night will not pass. It is said that sponsor money is used. I did not come to hand.

"He tricked me into paying a plane ticket to lend a thousand dollars to make money, and in the past 4 years I flew back to Thailand more than 10 times to complain about the missing pickup. bird Oraporn private, I'm going back to America, but I have to postpone the return ticket, because the bird does not have the wrong time and I do not know. "

**** Now the police of Udon Thani have made a document to prepare all those involved for the subject. Preliminary research found. The bird Uraporn took the act of the victim to the mortgage. The interest calculated on the statutory rate.

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