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Pol. Pattan Wongchanpol deputy chief inspector for repression and repression City police Udon Thani revealed that the provincial research unit of Udon Thani arrested two suspects who were married. 2,270,000 amphetamines and 170 kilograms of ice were seized by a mortar truck parked at the bypass of the TPI. Khon Kaen – Sakon

On 18 August the police checked the area. Meet the suspected men Suspicious gesture Drive a motorcycle and park a mobile phone. The staff started the discussion. The man confessed that he had eaten amphetamine. And hidden 14,000 amphetamines under the motorcycle seat. To send to the customer. The police investigated the amphetamine findings and expanded to 15,000 tablets.

During the detention of the accused. Udon Thani City Police said. Ya & ad; ad the fate. There are more catches. Go to the top of the page The confession further that they have a car to send the mortar to the neighboring countries. Dam construction Travel with your wife. And on the way back he was employed to bring amphetamine and ice cream. The amount that is returned to Thailand is sent to customers. I also dare not send because the amphetamines have a strong smell. I was arrested by the police.

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