Update! Hot news, registration of hot cars, Prime Minister Win 1

Win today Lottery prize This is a collection. I am very lucky in the city of Danang, Khon Kaen.

On September 1, 61, the morning of the lottery. With Hot News – Hits It's time to take a break in the afternoon.

1. tamer was arrested Mr. Asajaya Chai or "Chao" accused in the murder of atrocity Miss Thitima Tangviboon Commercial or "Hi-cherry" girl real estate business and transportation. Use a baseball bat. Born on July 30, 2061, the Mercedes Benz of the deceased driver fled to the border. I will cross Cambodia. And was arrested.

The license plates from Mercedes Benz. 6-th -1937 BMA The room in the hotel in Ladprao. The room is located on the 7th floor, the room number. 2702

2. Fire off the car Sad news from Amnat Charoen, Phra Maha Sawangwan, Wat Phra Wat, Muang District, Muang District, Law 2957 Bangkok The electric pole in the middle of the road. Flip over the fire and flicker the bright lights. In the middle of the night, August 29 61

3. The number of hits.The one who is good at lotteries. Many people are not jealous of young folk singers. This message contains images with the text "Please use the judgment to see. 95-96-65-36-37-925-326-734– careful,

4. Pong Prem Birth – The Prime Minister of Ranong Chumphon date August 26th The past is a jubilee. 98 years old General Prem Tinsulanonda and on 21-22 August, General Prayut Chansuacha traveled to the cabinet meeting Ranong – Chumphon with two registered cars. 1888, 1222 A travel vehicle Get the attention of the popular figure.

5. This is a lottery ticket for Khon Kaen. The first lottery winners roamed on 1 September 2561 by Khon Kaen, the public and the lottery number. 168 Khon Kaen, the provincial governor's car. 56 Age and number of the governor 043 Province Code To be a risk taker.

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