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Vajiralongkram Dam Water level through the 10 million cubic meters of water, Kwai Noi average altitude of 1 meter, the area of ​​Saiyok district, water level is higher than other areas, because the narrow river in Kan district, 20-30 cm.

On August 24 Wanvit Sangpanich, director of Vajiralongkorn Dam, Thongphaphum District, Kanchanaburi, revealed that the water situation in the Wicha Dam reservoir Go down From 24 August 2018, at 7:00 am, the water volume in the dam was 8,065 million cubic meters, good for 91% There are 60.10 million cubic meters of water in the reservoir and 48.24 cubic meters of drainage (including 6.20 million cubic meters of sewer). Another 795 million cubic meters. And always check the situation. The water management in the basin is controlled. If the water situation has changed or the water discharge plan has been adjusted, the Vachira Downs Dam will be informed again.

A 50 centimeter overflow with a flow rate of 120 cubic meters per second or 10.3 million cubic meters will be carried out for the opening of the floodgate via a two-wing overflow. Per day. I would like to clarify that the drainage via the spillway. Not caused by a crisis. But it is normal for water management. When entering the rainy season, the amount of water that flows into the reservoir. As a result, the amount of stored water exceeds the control threshold. It is necessary to make a reservoir for the water that flows into the reservoir in August-September.

At the same time, 43 million cubic meters of natural gas is discharged via the normal channels, with a total of 53 million cubic meters per day. The drainage will result in an average height of about 1 meter in the Kwai Noi River, especially in the Sai Yok district, due to the narrow river. Is characterized by the isthmus. But it depends on the amount of water in the creek that flows into the waterfall in Kwai Noi. If there is no water in the stream. It can cause water levels below the water line. Because of the water flow from the creek up to 30 million cubic meters per day, as a result of which the water level in the Kwai Noi river has increased. The first mass of water traveling to the area of ​​Sai Yok takes about 12 hours and will flow to the area of ​​Kanchanaburi. It takes about 3 days, with the water distance from the Vajiralongkorn dam to about 250 km in Kanchanaburi and it is expected to have a high average of about 20-30 centimeters, because the area of ​​the city of Kanchanaburi has a river. breadth The general situation is not expected to affect the people living downstream. Because of the previous preparations. The people downstream through the Kwai Noi. It is also prepared in advance. The last dam. There are always people who warn early. However, it will always monitor the water situation in the downstream area. The water management plan is suitable and has the lowest effect on the downstream area.

The distance and travel time of the water flow from the Vajiralongkorn dam along the Kwai Noi to Kanchanaburi. There are 4 metro stations, the total distance of 251.3 km, and the distance to Mae Klong Dam, Tambon 264.2 km as follows: TD 15, Wat Dong Nai, Tambon, Tambon Thongphaphum. The first water mass is about 8 hours and the maximum water level is 23 hours TD 12 Temple, Wat Pho, Muang District, Sai Yok, has a water distance of 148.7 km. The dam is 91.13 km from Wat Mai Dong. The first ride takes about 20 hours and the maximum water level lasts 41 hours.

TD 10 Tham Kaeng Luang, Tambon Koh Samrong, Amphur Muang, Kanchanaburi, is 233.6 km from the dam and 84.89 km from Wat Wang Pho Ram. 42 hours and maximum water level is 72 hours TD 04 Wat Chai Chumphon Victory Monument (Wat Nam) Muang Kanchanaburi is about 251.3 km from the dam and 17.73 km from Ban Kaeng Luang. But because plain As a result, the water level is not much different. The calculation takes about 3 days and the first mass of water will reach the city of Kanchanaburi.

Prasert Inab, director of Srinakarin Dam, Srisawat District, Kanchanaburi, revealed that the current water situation in the Srinakarin Dam Reservoir (24 August 2018 at 08.00) was 175.31 meters from the water level. Today there are 22 million cubic meters of water discharge and yesterday (23 August 61) there was water in the reservoir. 40.35 million cubic meters of Srinagarind dam Increased from 22 August 2651 (175.25 m 4), and the drainage system was drained according to 21.63 million cubic meters of drainage. The Srinakarin dam has a further 1,899.97 million cubic meters of water (10.71%), so that the reservoir of the Srinakarin dam can still handle water. It does not affect the stability and safety of the dam. The safety of the brothers and sisters downstream.

The water volume of the Srinakarin dam. It is unlikely that 1% of the water retention capacity of the dam will exceed 400 million cubic meters. So the dam can support water for 2-3 months.

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