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Ananda Mahidol Hospital I have to say that I have not been able to find anyone in the past. The most recent symptoms are also coma, cerebral edema, unconsciousness, unresponsive physician's report, unspecified test results, abnormal findings. I do not know what to do.

From accidents Kacha Pacha's troops under the 3rd Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment (R.33, 3, 3), Lop Buri were slaughtered by soldiers. I was sent to treatment at the Ananda Mahidol hospital in Lopburi, first the Commander claimed that the soldiers of Kacha Kock were in training. But after accepting the fact that three senior soldiers claimed that there was a fight, do not repair as the family members understand. While family members have reported that the police have prosecuted the three soldiers who caused it together.

At 24.00 on 24 August, a military officer in the hospital, 31, 3, 3, waited for the car to be branded as Khaochak to Mr. Sharp. I was 47 years old. Sr. Viraisa Boonya, 25, father and mother of the army. Travel to the 3rd Infantry Battalion, 31st Infantry Division, Lop Buri Province, to perform the ceremony to summon the family members of the faith. The scene is a 2-storey building on the ground floor is a hall. The military officer prepared a crab mat at a point where the army was being punished. Are there civil servants involved. When Mrs. Rungruedee saw where his son was being attacked to cry, Ho called loudly. "Why do you have to do this" and bring the offer to the spot. And the ceremony called it morale and said, "Great mothers, I'm so happy for you, back to live together." It takes about 3 minutes to complete the ceremony. Then go to the Ananda Mahidol hospital to visit the son.

Then in the afternoon, Major Chatchawan Burinur, director of the Ananda Mahidol hospital. With medical team The soldiers and soldiers of the Kacha army reported jointly to the media about the soldiers of the army, Major Chatchawan said. The patient was sent unconscious on 23 August at 11.00 pm. Physical examination showed no pulse. Do not breathe and have CPR twice. Take a total of 45 minutes. The patient begins to return with the wrist. I do not know how to insert the airway. And sent to the crisis room of the hospital. Brain brain research does not detect brain haemorrhage. Doctors do not know why. Therefore, the treatment of organ donation through the use of breathing apparatus to maintain blood pressure. Give water to bleach.

Major General Chatchawan said that. Recent symptoms at 2:00 pm on Aug. 24 pulse rate blood pressure after the drug is normal. Breathing also requires a gas mask. Nervous system The patient is not aware. The cause of brain swelling. This is due to a long time lack of oxygen. At present, lung diseases are good for kidney failure. After dialysis, the patient is constant and starts to urinate. The problem is now swollen brain. It is a worrying symptom. Patients feel and can not breathe. The hospital is fully maintained. Consult experts from the Phramongkutklao hospital.
At all times

When the journalists asked. When the soldiers from the army came to the doctor. Are there signs of sexual assault? Gene. Chatchawan said. The doctor told the patient. Check that there are no signs of abuse. But the unconscious and the breathing do not know why. The only one who can tell me is the unconscious in the company. The doctor only helps with the procedure. The police have not contacted the police. If you are asked to come to the hospital, that will happen. Make the request.

Like Mrs. Rungrudee, the mother of the army, Kacha said. I doubt that. Son is strong How can this disease? At first sight symptoms of son. Just thought that the coffin looks like shoes, but it disappears. If the Colonel did not say that the child was being rehearsed. It is unbelievable how he rehearsed the way in which no trace was made. But to grind in this way. I want to know the truth. Ask the adults to help with the truth.

Thasaporn Sricharoen, former MP of Phrae Thai Rak Thai party Visit the sympathy of the soldiers. Talk to the parents of military soldiers by Dr. Tasop has introduced patient care. Parents give and support closely. If something goes wrong, consult a specialist. This symptom must be addressed. In addition, Dr. Thaporn the medical team also to maintain that he has been fully treated. The ethical code

Gen Chalermchai Sittarasak, MD said the incident. As is known, it is physical abuse. There is a legal action against the person who has been abused. Now wait for medical results to point out the accusations. While the discipline has already been implemented. He always urged the commander to control the troops. Especially the army. "I'm going to charge everything," said the battalion commander. The colonel was in charge of keeping and staying with his family. I do not know anything about the relocation of the hospital. But the army and the brigade will take care of it.

To the question that many things are happening now, Trang has a child pornography. Major General Chalermchai said the army had more than 200,000 soldiers. When the perpetrator We did the law, no one in the assembly defended the unit directly to the army. All units in the army must create a good standard for society.

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