Wait in vain! Cambodian Prime Minister also has no sign. Send a & # 39; lose weight & # 39;

No one has signed the order to send fat. Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs I have to switch to the signature. Delayed process. I will not return to Thailand on August 21.

Today 21 August 61 is expected today. Cambodian officials I'm sure you'll like it. Accused of escaping the case, the mastermind killed two young spies madly for the Buddha, Khao Chi Chan, Banglamung, Chonburi and then escaped to Cambodia. Caught Ganga fell to Vietnam.

Mr. Panya has been the Cambodian official. Disputes escaped to the city. And to drive out the land. On the last floor Must have preachers Is a signer Then he brought the information to the Thai officials at the border of the two countries.

The Thai side by Pol.L. Benjaporn Survivis, director of Sa Kaeo. General Ek Chom Pong, deputy head of Poipet Police Station, Poipet, has discussed the preparations to facilitate and preserve the security of the Cambodian Friendship Bridge. Aranyaprajan border crossing The permanent passage of Ban Klong Deep, Aranyaprathet District, Sa Kaeo Province at the reception – delivery of Mr. Panya Ying or the fatal accused of Thailand. It is expected that the Cambodian immigration department will be monitored to return to Thailand. On the border of Aranyaprathet – Poipet on 21 August 61.

Recently it has been reported that the Cambodian Deputy Minister of the Interior, who would sign the pressure to leave the country. Confirm now the mission Travel abroad I have to change the minister to sign the order. The delivery will be delayed. I will not be able to send the fat. On the 21st of this.

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