"Weerasak" to travel to meet. China Minister of Tourism to visit Beijing

Minister of tourism visits to Meet China Minister of Tourism to visit Beijing Declare the progress of the collapse of the Phoenix ship.

Minister of Tourism visits Phuket to visit. China Minister of Tourism to visit Beijing Explain the progress of the collapse of the Phoenix ship. Hope to reduce the drama. Call it back Note the presentation of information via the media

at 3.30 pm on August 19, 2061 on the floor of the meeting room. 2 Phuket Yacht Control Center (PYCC: Phuket Yacht Control Center), Mr. Veerasak Kowsurat, Minister of Tourism and Sport, and Mr. Apichat Jeerapan Consult the Minister of Tourism and Sport and Phuket Governor joins Nopparat Noutthong, admiral Somnuk Prem Pramote, supreme commander of the Royal Thai Navy and Pakorn Wongmaneerung, deputy governor of Phuket. There are also government heads and private sectors. Related To monitor the progress of Phuket's maritime safety measures. And listen to the Phuket Marine Safety Plan. Including the progress of the case of the Phoenix boat collapsed in the middle of the sea. The incident took place on July 5, 2561 ago

. Questions have been asked about the cause of the Phoenix ship. Install the flag for the port. The authority to oblige a ship not to land offshore, ship repair, ship approval and ship design. Steering Group Progress in the case. Pay money to heal the deceased family. And the results of the announcement.

While Mr. Nopparat Noatthong, the Governor of Phuket It discusses the organization of the port in Phuket after the incident. All 24 of the docks have been appointed. Regulation of security measures to release ships and passengers traveling by sea. They have also set up a mobile action unit to randomly inspect ships and tourists at sea. The 24 docks are also available. Improved standards, such as the installation of CCTV cameras, the installation of advertising signs, the understanding of people and tourists, the installation of hardware systems, the link to send information to the ship. tourist And navigation. Part of the port is considered very problematic. It is currently undergoing an adaptation of a small port section. Managed by the local population are pretty problematic.

Mr. Sarayuth Mullum, president of Phuket Tourism Federation, said that as a representative of the operator I would like to say that Phuket has issued a total ban on all ships. The operator has been affected. Can not leave the boat to bring tourists to the nearby island. Especially island ha Near the coast and wave height not more than two meters. And the past did not crash, the boat was hit by waves. It is the safest island for water activities during the green season. I would like to announce that the ban on the boat off the coast must consider the entrepreneur. The warning is a path. Especially the risky routes. With the measures taken, operators are ready to meet the highest safety standards for tourists.

However, Mr. Weerasak Kowsurat, Minister of Tourism and Sport Say at the end Travel to that area. Following the progress of the restoration of the Phoenix ship, which is a material witness to the case. Phoenix can not recover due to the current strong wind. At the same time they take part in the meeting with the Governor of Phuket. The 3rd Naval Command and other relevant units, both public and private. To recognize the rescue operation. Both in the field of search and help. It is complete and only remedies that have problems with the bank account number to transfer money to a deceased family member. As the account number and then everything will soon be completed. And this has been continuously communicated to the consul general of China. In addition, Phuket is preparing for the commemoration of the 49th anniversary of the charity donation from 22 to 23 August in the park of Saphan Hin

. Has been reported The Royal Thai Police has 102 agents added to the police and has appointed Major General Rungroj Saengrummorn, deputy commander of the national police. The principal investigator. Solving a suitcase This is a lot of progress. But still in the hull of the Phoenix, which is a great testimony. There is also a rehearsal about the operation of the governor of Phuket. In the use of ISOC, civil and security legislation. To monitor the order of the port in Phuket, which began on July 26, 2018, the general response of both the public and the private sector was that it was heading in the right direction

The point is to discuss further. What to do at the back of the island. The islands or those places. I have never had an employee. There will be more communication. At the very least, let all parties that act now know that control and investment. To take care of the boat from the coast. Is clear It is expected that Chalong Harbor will be within no more than this month. It will be complete.

Minister of Tourism and Sport, however, said that we should be careful. A news presentation about the progress of the accident will cause the Phoenix ship to crash. This is not clear yet. If the information is not correct, it may affect the image of the country. And at the end of August they have to travel to Beijing to meet Chinese tourism ministers. I'm sure that will be questions about this. The Chinese government has clarified the matter. Especially the dramas in the past 50 days, and now many things seem true. But there are many things that wait in time. Therefore, be very careful in presenting information. And now the Chinese authorities have asked for this. It is almost 100% done and the search and remedies are well done. The cause of the accident that is waiting to repair the boat. It is also responsible for the incident.

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