What is the difference between a pot and a pot? The Supreme Court has been imprisoned for 8 months.

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October 5, 2011


Crocodile farm Samut Prakan !! "Charoon Nam Prapakorn" Former Senator Samutprakarn was taken to a central prison. The Supreme Court has been imprisoned for 8 months. Lost a process of family conflict

On October 4, 2061, at the Provincial Court of Samutprakarn, 14th Trial Judge, Samutprakan Province. Read the verdict of 7949/2557 in which Mr. Uthan Youngpaipakorn is Managing Director Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo Co., Ltd. is the plaintiff accused defendant Mr. Charoon Nampakorn, executive director and shareholder of the Company. The charge to cheat the plaintiff is a criminal case that the plaintiff accuses the defendant of advertising. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Court of Appeal. Jaruwan's imprisonment of 8 months

On 6 March 2011 and 7 March 2011, the defendants and the three jointly summoned the claimant to the third party who issued a letter on behalf of the company. Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo Co., Ltd., dated March 5, 2011, regarding the announcement that Mr. Charoon Namprachakorn, executive director and shareholder of the company Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo Co., Ltd. it was Central Bankruptcy Court. The order is strictly monitored. Therefore, it can not manage the assets of the company. Because it is forbidden. I have no credibility as chairman and general manager. The absolute strength of the company. He ordered Mr. Jaroon Napatpakorn to withdraw from the position of Executive Director. And leave the management of the company. All crocodile farms and zoos in Samutprakarn Co., Ltd. are no longer authorized to lead the company.

Which message? The plaintiff or Mr. Utenn Prapakorn is not a document to distribute to employees. In the case of Uthai Youngprapak the father can testify. And answer the question of law in the suspect against them to submit a petition to the Youth and Family Court in Samutprakarn. The court ordered Mr. Uthai to be a quasi-incompetent person. This shows that Uthai can sign the documents. It is made in a similar time. In comparing the handwriting of Mr. Uthai in documents 3 and 9, it looks like and similar to the signature of the suspect. He claimed that Uthai was the signer of the document. The claimant insisted. Mr. Uthai is the name of the documents in the document 3, it is assumed that the document is written in the third and signed in the document is Uthai, the plaintiff is a documentary as the defendant claimed. Prove that the suspect does not have any weight. Clarify the witness of the prosecutor So just listen to that. The defendant commits an offense to the claimant. Offense sentenced to a year in prison, the detention of the suspect is useful to consider some. There is a postponement of execution One in three prisoners will be detained for eight months.

Court of Appeal Judge Stand Respondent by the judge who considered and signed the verdict. Allows the petitioner to report facts. The Supreme Court subsequently considered that. The defendant prosecuted complained the prosecutor accused the defendant by advertising. false The defendant is guilty of false accusations based on article 175 of the criminal code of the accused did not hear the suspect.

Later at 5.30 pm the bailiff brought Mr. Jaroon Youngpopakorn to the Correctional Vehicle. And leave the court of Samutprakan. I sent to the central prison in Samutprakan.

Jaroen Youngprapak, 67, is the second son of Uthai Youngprapak, the founder of Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo Co., Ltd. Senator Samut Prakan The trial against the inheritance with Mr. Uthen Young Prapakorn brother. There are several dozen cases.

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