Why do you have to raise children alone? I do not know what to do.

The young man is crazy! I have a friend who has been in the hospital for 3 years and has a cancer diagnosis. Another attempt at suicide.

In the case of Mr. Montree Saengya, 33, a bottle of beer caused his throat, 4-year-old son, 11 months old and died. And try to commit suicide. But badly injured. The police then rushed to the Sirindhorn Hospital by the incident at 5.30 am in front of the PTT gas station in Soi Pattanakarn 78, Pravet District, Bangkok as proposed.

At 10.00 on August 24, 61 in the police station Prapasorn, Ranee Saengya, 33, sister of Mr. Montri. I have to testify. Lt. Col. Anantakorn Siriwarit, Ph.D.

Mrs. Ranee said that he is the sister of Mr. Montri. I know the news was rushing to find a hospital. Before entering into the policeman's declaration, Mr Montri and Mrs. Prangthong Srikruang, 34 years old, mother of CHA (fictitious), 4 years old, 11 months old, had 3 children. The 11-year-old man, 4-year-old man and 2-year-old woman, who later divorced three years ago because of the disappearance of his mother. But still secretly to find each other. Mr. Montri will feed the oldest and middle child. The young Mrs. Prangthong will have been a shepherd for the next 2 years. Mr. Montri also sends money to Mrs. Prang Thong. Until June. Mrs. Prangthong, Chonburi fled with her new husband. Mr. Montri emphasizes and finds it the cause.

Later, at midnight on 24 August at the Prawet police station, Lieutenant Colonel Revealed police force that progress. The research of Miss Ranee. The aunt of the dead child. Earlier, the mother had broken with his brother for about three years, in which they had had contact. Mr. Montri was so desperate that he had to raise one child. Woman is deserted Previously, Montri tried to commit suicide. Mr. Montri drove a car at about 22:00 hrs to the development 78 did not know who to find. Before he left the alley at 4.40 pm, Mr. Montri was attacked by a bottle of beer, scorpions, neck and throat. The driver came to watch the event so that the people on the other side could help. Mr. Montri took his son to the gas station. Mr. Montri is a daily contractor for construction work.

Pol .. The. Alongkon. It turned out that The primary screening medication from Sirindhorn Hospital was not found in the body. And in no way alcohol. The cause of stress is not money and small woman. Mr. Montri tried to commit suicide several times. The boy who died was the son of Mr. Montri very much. And the child was very father. Mr. Montri has three children, the youngest is with his wife, the oldest and the deceased. Mr. Montri is a pet. Mr. Montri is not sick at all. Symptoms of doctors from Montreal say they should pay attention. There is a chance to die. It can not be answered. First prepare to load. "Intentional killing And now the ex-wife of the deceased is on the road from Chonburi.

However, before the child died at 01:00 on 24 August. As deputy director of Pol Kittipong Simmalee En Pol. Niwat Library. Prapas. Lt. Diamond Petch Surayud Pandit, MD View the surroundings in the vicinity to view Soi Pattana 78. The man said Mr. Montree Saengyai, 33 years old, living at number 106/1 Soi Onnuch 66, intersection 19-7, and Pravet Bangkok. Wearing a shoulder I suspect the search. Locate the screwdriver in the inner shoulder bag. And the child's request. Find a father. I took a picture while talking, did not think Mr. Montri is drunk. The smell of alcohol. I do not think so.

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