Why does Thailand have more than 11 million people?

If the coup is a good one. Why do 11 million people point out that democracy is better? Let's all help each other. Take lessons and find a way to prevent a coup.

On September 19, Mr. Anusorn IAM Cleanliness acting deputy spokesman for the Thai party. On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the coup, on September 19, 2006, there was a coup that seized the power of the people. It is a good idea to do it. Do people live better? If the coup is really good. Thailand is a developed country. If people are better off Why are there so many 11.4 million poor people in Thailand? In the past, Thailand was the regional leader in economic, social, political and regional rights. But after the 2006 coup, leadership in different areas. The decline of Thailand in ASEAN A lot in the back. Democratic development halted Consequences for the development of the country. People and the nation are losing the chance?

Mr. Anusorn said that if we were still in democracy. Will people be better off now? The country will get more trust if no power is seized or not indicated. The Thai stock market index rose by 44 points in February 2562, indicating that people are longing for democracy. People want to cooperate in determining the future and the possibility of the country. Look back if Thailand has no power. Up to now, the entire infrastructure has been invested. High-speed trains link to the region. Improve the quality of education. Water management system. No break No shutdown of the country Official stop The country can be much more than Thailand 4.0 and becomes Thailand 5.0 in the G-5 era. After the coup, Thai people live better or not. Does the country lose its chance? If the answer is no. All sectors must help to remove the lessons and find a way to prevent a coup.

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