Winnie 16 has hidden secrets. I am not disguised, but he has the rank of colonel.

No. 16 has hidden secrets, not concealed, but he has the rank of police lieutenant.

Police lieutenant Tirasak, or "Uncle Oud", has a career in hiring a motorcycle number 16 at the entrance to Police Training Center 2 Chonburi Province, revealed that he graduated from the Police School 2 Chonburi in 1976 and continuous police service. He has been promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel of police until his rank Colonel.

However, before the salary of a police officer is not enough to pay. Because it is only a junior and three children with financial background and personal is simple. It is not connected to the official. Or the mask to be a policeman At that time they only had ten police officers. So make yourself and your wife look for a way to earn a living. To build a family to be financially secure.

They see that riding a motorcycle is a good choice. The time to take care of children. As complete as you want. And three cars deserve enough not to live very hard. So decided to make a career by riding two mopeds. From that day to today, for more than 20 years, even if they are in class to hire a policeman. But you still do not leave every time you leave a motorcycle.

"I spend my free time By renting a security guard at the ice house at night, in some days it is used as a guard for a nearby gold shop, and I will be in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. refused to hire me, because I have a position But I assure you it's for the family and entrepreneurs, I've been hired to always do the job. & # 39;

Meanwhile, Uncle Oud decided to retire early. (Ernie Rutin), as inspector general of the police, Don Muang district police lieutenant colonel and was rewarded with honor of the national police. Add to the rank of another lieutenant colonel. To try out a motorcycle, he drives full-time with his wife, wife, wife and partner to walk the same path together.

Uncle Oud wants to tell everyone, especially the police. Do not stay with the rank. And too many positions Is like a mask The time has come. At the end of the power balance there is insult. No one honest honest profession is a high career. Ask for the best care for your family. the ultimate The people who are with us are always our family.

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