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[ข่าวซื้อขาย] To go home! Elder Tiger opened a dialogue hoping to pull Daan together.

After receiving fewer options to enter the field in this season Leroy Daan High speed wing Manchester City Got the opportunity to negotiate with Bayern Munich Consider the possibility of relocating the team this summer

Daily Record reported that the Southern Tigers have negotiated the agreement in the contract regarding the relocation of the team with representatives of the 23-year-old star. The former PFA-winning young player of the past year.

Daan has a satisfying performance and is one of the top 3 players in the Premier League who can shoot and make assists in 2 figures. In this season

However, national players from Germany got a chance to start as a starter in this season, only 21 shots, less than the other two offensive lines such as Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva, who both showed their form this year.

Bayern wanted to move the wings of the Eagles to join the team to replace Arjen, Robben and Freiburg, who were entering the end of trade. Citi Siikikari & # 39; s sports director told a good friend that he was forced to sell Zane on the upcoming summer market.

Earlier, the South Tigers tried to pull this star from Schalke in 2016, but they have to miss for Manchester City, which can win to become a successful member of the team.

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