& # 39; Bella & # 39; surprised Surprise fans revealed & # 39; Weir & # 39; Happy does not talk about the future together.

& # 39; Bella & # 39; surprised Surprise fans revealed & # 39; Weir & # 39; Happy does not talk about the future together.

On 13 December, on the Cinema Iconic Iconic 7th floor, Bella Ranee Camp The heroine is interviewed during the opening ceremony of the world-class VIP movie theater. "THAI Smooth as silk PREMIER CINEMA @ICON CINECONIC" update the fans meeting is held on their own birthday. I think the hero & # 39;Weir SUKL Valley.& # 39; What a surprise!

What about the fan meeting now?
"As mentioned earlier, there will be a Fellowship Meeting on December 24, corresponding to his birthday, and the progress is now about 80%, and the blur is difficult to get back to the fan club, so I think a bit more. it's in the rehearsal phase The theme of the event is the season of love that will keep each season together The number of people that will be present at the event is 500 people, I really want to come to everyone. the hotel is quite limited and no one has to pay anything this time. & # 39;

Will there be a special guest at the fan meeting?
"Of course I do not say who it is, ask yourself to be surprised, this is not known, but it is certain."

Is it possible?
"Are not you busy?" Will there be a surprise (laughs). I do not know what to do. If he is busy, it is busy. Wait, see that day together pretty well. The next day Belle had to fly abroad with a bunch of friends. I do not know the queue. It is possible that during Bell's birthday. I will not see him. "

Can I get a gift from him?
"He just gave it to me, I do not want anything, but he has no gift or this is not serious at all, he is a surprise, not a good one, there will be a beginning."

What do you want to give yourself as a gift?
"I do not need anything.This year was a lot of love and strength, I want to send more." The fans meeting is held, but Belle does not accept gifts, but there are donation boxes for the event. "I want everyone to make merit together. Belle a playground project and improves the drinking water system of Baan Hua Road, Nakhon Pathom province, which is now open for donations, can contribute to the capital until December 20. This is what Bel plans to make a birthday present for himself . "

How long does it take before I am 29 years old?
"I do not think so." Bell could not be like everyone, because he did not have the numbers. But now that it is good, this is good. The future will start to expect or set goals. Believe it or not. If today is happy or that you are doing well now, Belle will be happy about it. "

Do you have a dream to be a bride or a bride?
"If a childhood dream, then there is a moment.Do you want a family or something? If you ask now, it is not the same, I feel so happy with this place."

Then the groom, the face is a virgin brother?
"(Laughs) said that the wedding has not seen the photo's yet. How do you see the groom? & # 39;

But Bella looks like a child, does not want to have children?
"Now, he can not leave the egg I have not been to the eggs This is the same with the mother that if I were serious I really want a family It could not have been damaged before Now the medical evolution is very good. "

I have a virile urine. What is the future together?
"No, as I said, he and Belle have the same idea, if we're happy with the present, it's okay, we do not like plans for the future, it's way too far away."

Asked about the drama?
"The drama karma is almost in the broadcast, let's see it next year, wish you a happy new year and a birthday I'll watch around the end of January, or in early February How do you expect the answer? happy to be here This drama is very human, both black and gray in itself, I want to show the angle of every corner that has no side, or people do not judge things outside of the pollinators that play the role of the people who judge his career, the drama is reflected in this concept. "

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