5 free apps and games (mostly for sale) iPhone, iPad press fast charge [03-12-2020]

Includes daily free applications and games for iPhone, iPad, introduction of Subway Temple Surfers, Animated Text for Instagram and much more, worth hundreds of baht, hit Quick Load before you increase the price.

paid apps for iphone ipad free limited time 04 12 2020

Subway Temple Surfers 3d Run is free (usually $ 4.99) Endless runner adventure game He woke up in a dream with a magical environment. And run to collect coins through the obstacles along the way. Download for free from the App Store

Car Bus Washer is free (usually $ 4.99) Car wash games for kids Comes with a cute and bright game picture Have fun washing the car Download for free on App Store

Keep & Find | Keep and Find is free (usually $ 1.99) An application for creating lists, saving and easily searching by subject and type of information. Download for free from the App Store

Race Calendar 2020 is free (normally $ 1.99). The 2020 Formula 1 Race Calendar app is an easy-to-use app that gives you a quick overview of all Formula 1 events and results and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Animated text for Instagram is free (normally $ 2.99). The application helps you create beautiful animated messages for Instagram, express yourself with beautiful animations and text effects. Download for free from the App Store

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