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5 years, TTV Digital & # 39; … retired and 9 draws for 15 remaining slots – survives

"Digital Distribution" waves attack companies "Digital TV" was a major breakthrough, causing operators to shout it out. To the Government of the Office of the Broadcasting Commission Television Activities And the National Telecommunications Commission of NBTC, the central figure, organizes auctions for digital TV. Run from time to time for help Until the final round That's harder to get After receiving help, it's also harder because "NBTC" has a formula for calculating premium compensation. In order not to let the state lose to know "privately", there is even one red Create digital TV operators Sitting on the temple, the calculator in a row

⦁ Open Formula 44, Remedy ดิจิทัล Digital TV & # 39;
Measures to help digital TV operators Under M. 44 or the full name is Measures to resolve the problem of television and telecommunications business operations Allowing operators to return licenses The applicant must do so within 30 days of the effective date of report the order in writing or within 10 May 2019, while the 17 operators that are in arrears for the payment of the fourth installment must pay within 120 days of the date of the order. In force or within 8 August 2019, a total of 3,215 million baht

And then bring the revenue back to the 3 operators who paid the fifth installment, namely Channel 7, amount 372 million baht, Workpoint channel, 395 million baht and Spring News channel 219 million. A total of 986 million baht and the remaining income of 2,228 million baht are paid as state income.
However, if you are late, you must pay interest at the rate of 7.5% per year. In the event that the money received from the 4th installment payment is insufficient, it will be reimbursed to the operator. By taking into account the need for each channel that is based on business results

In addition, the operator is exempt from the 5th license fee and the 6th tranche, totaling 13,622 million baht and has received full support for the rental of digital terrestrial television networks (Max) during the duration. The remaining nine-year, six-month licenses, totaling 18.775 million baht, will be supported in July 2020 following the end of the rescue measures imposed by the Head of the National Peace Council (NCPO) in 2018. In addition, the Office of the NBTC supports the costs of preparing the average goodwill (ratings) of 431 million baht by setting up a central organization for accurate and fair assessment

Openen Open calculation formula License return channel
As for the digital TV operators who are "lived, poisoned or injured", they decided to let go of the black screen. There is a formula for calculating the reimbursement, which entails the license fees paid. Multiplied by the remaining license duration (10 years), then divided by the 15-year license period. How is the result determined? And the benefits that digital TV operators receive during operations, including: 1. Support for network rental (Max) according to the order of NCPO 9/2561 and the costs of sending signals via satellite Criteria (Must Care) according to the NCPO- directive no. 76/2016 from the date of support to the date of termination of service and 2. The performance of the digital TV operator Since its opening until 11 April 2019, only the net profit has been deducted.

The compensation for digital TV operators will then be calculated. The NBTC pays compensation in exchange for the license within 60 days of the end of the service, according to the NBTC. Determined by sending money from the Research and Development for Public Interest Fund (ETA) to first compensate digital television operators. And when you receive money from the 700 MHz spectrum allocation, this is deducted from the compensation given to digital TV operators. To be used in the implementation of the Pracha Rat Internet Project That has not been completed

& # 39; & # 39; Your Tim TV Pool applies for the NYSE 44 & # 39;
As soon as M.344 helps digital TV operators come out, the name is Ms. Phanthipa Sukunachai or Jay Tim TV Pool, executive chairman of Thai TV Pool Company Limited and Thai TV Co., Ltd. speaking again. time

When "Je Tim" Dod sent the letter to the Secretary General of the NBTC to inquire about the details of the order according to paragraph 44, how useful to the company, despite the company's two digital TV channels. That is, the Thai TV channel and the Loka channel, send a letter to the NBTC meeting requesting the cancellation of the business license for digital TV. And since 2015 it has not been broadcast anymore, but for the word & # 39; Your Tim & # 39; Therefore, the desktop press release did not ask you to help measure the aforementioned digital TV activities.

And when the formula for calculating digital TV compensation for the return of the license was issued, "Je Tim" gave that comment Compensation calculation formula for digital TV operators that come out Personally satisfied to a certain extent But believe it is not enough for Digital TV operators who want to request a license declaration Because the calculation formula came out Only identify the performance of the operator Not taking into account the losses that operators have to bear everywhere So the best way if NBTC will use the formula to get such compensation to calculate. Must add more to the loss results that operators have to bear

"I would like to draw the attention of all digital TV operators to the details, rules, procedures and conditions that are expected to require digital TV operators 3 licenses of 22 digital TV channels and that the company is born. Competition sees digital TV 12 must have channels or 10 drops from operators who have a lot of licenses, who will see business changes clearly Digital TV has more substantive quality competition When it comes to selling items, it will decrease. Only a few licenses return, the results will not get much change, "Mrs. Phanthipa said.

ย ย Deadline & # 39; 7 digital TV channels & # 39; to return the license
And on the May 10 deadline, in a press release summarizing the submission of the request for the license from the digital TV operator, the Secretary General of the NBTC, to open the list of digital TV operators Which person who asks to return the license for 7 channels, namely Channel 13, Channel 3, Family (BEC-Multimedia Company Limited), Channel 14, Emot Family (MCOT Public Company Limited), Channel 19 Springs News (News Network Corporation Public Company Limited), Channel 20 Bright TV (Bright TV Company Limited), Channel 21 Voice TV (Voice TV Company Limited), Channel 26 Spring (Spring Company 26 Limited) and Channel 28, Channel 3 SD (Company BEC-Multimedia Co., Ltd) .) as a result of the return of such licenses. Resulting in the remaining 15 digital TV channels of the original 22 channels

"Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, expressed great concern about the employees who had to be fired. Therefore, the digital TV operator wants to return the license. There are measures to take care of the employees. After receiving compensation to be used to heal those employees More than the rate prescribed by labor laws, "said Mr. Thakorn.

Mr. Thakorn said the procedure is just a notification of the request to return the license from the digital TV operator. When completed, the operator must send the documents to the NBTC office for a fee of no more than 60 days. If the document is incomplete, extend the period for sending the documents by another 30 days, each channel must submit a broadcast termination plan for the operation. Also consider Then will be brought to the meeting NBTC approved the termination of the broadcast. To inform the public that another 30 days or 45 days or 60 days are, the channel stops broadcasting And when the broadcast ends the next day, which is the expectation that the operator will be able to send the documents to be sent. receive compensation No later than August 2019

"Documents to be submitted to the NBTC office can be somewhat complicated for operators with multiple licenses. That has to create a separate account for each channel. It is fully expected that no more than 10 days must be completed. has only one license, the preparation of documents must be completed in 5 days. It is not necessary to prepare documents until the 60th day is completed when you submit documents quickly. Will be considered quickly. be received in August, "Thakorn said.

& # 39 ;. ท & # 39; & # 39; คืน ยัน ยัน ยัน ยัน ยัน ยัน ยัน ยัน ยัน ยัน ยัน & # 39; & # 39;
Mr. Khemthat Pholdech, President of MCOT Public Company Limited, revealed that about 14 employees of Channel 14 Emot Family have returned to help channel 30 M. Khot H. Well, the healing of the staff is not much.

"The number of 15 digital TV channels remaining is a lot, but it is not ugly. And to ensure that the company can compete more intensively, it should be noted that the number of digital TVs is 10-11 channels or half of the total number 22-channel digital TV will be suitable, "said Mr. Khematat.

Mr. Khematat said that the measures to help digital television operators come true Reflects that the entire government And the Broadcasting Commission Television Activities And The National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) have seen the current business environment Therefore gave such help That's a good thing that companies will be able to make progress But still worrying in the next 4-5 years if there are problems such as digital disruption that is more serious than the current digital TV can offer? It is therefore a matter of discussion between NBTC and digital TV operators.

"Digital Television Network Service Club (NBTC) consisting of Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Station, Public Relations Department, Public Broadcasting Service of Thailand and MCOT Public Company Limited will be discussed during this week. Suggest guidelines for solving problems that affect network service providers, such as problem solving and recovery programs, the number of free channels in the network. That happened in accordance with the master plan and the NBTC's regulations to propose the NBTC. "Mr. Khematat said.

⦁ & # 39; 4 Media Association & # 39; has issued a statement
Suddenly, with the news from the TV operators who are returning a 7-channel license, this means that a number of people in the media industry are more likely to lose their jobs, lose their jobs due to disruption of Thai Media Central Labor Union Together with Thai Radio and Television Journalists Association Journalist Association of Thailand And the Federation of Thai Radio and Television News It has therefore issued a joint statement stating that four motion monitoring organizations in the digital TV industry have always had a good understanding of the situation and concerns about the Unemployment Terms of Digital TV Employees That Operators Return Licenses That Will Be Affected by the Number As Much as in the Journalism Because this is the closure of the company, not just the opening of the project to reduce the number of employees as in the past, So there are also questions and suggestions as follows:

1. Claim the NBTC to request cooperation / to force the operators returning the license to provide compensation for employees who have more than The Labor Protection Act, as a result of the return of such permits, including the operators themselves receive a refund from the NBTC. 2. Ask the media owner to compensate Unemployed Employees for Dharma and more The Labor Protection Act, due to the sudden closure of the company, did not inform in advance as required by law and the return of such licenses, the operators themselves have received a refund from the NBTC and must also tell Work certificate

"Confirm that every professional organization understands the situation in the media industry. What not only occurs in Thailand And wants to close the operation well with all parties."

วิชาการ วิชาการ Academician & # 39; Suggestions for dismissal of employees
Mr. Mana Triiyapiwat, former dean of the Faculty of Communications University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Revealed that the application for the return of the license from the digital TV operator says Positive impact Is to have fewer TV channels The share of advertising spending needs to be better distributed. Some channels have more income But there are disadvantages to having employees of channels that give back licenses to lose many jobs Although the employee receives a fee, the NBTC does not provide details about the conditions for returning the license to be compensated for the termination of the employee. That is why the entrepreneurs want to take into account the employees who have suffered together.

Said Mr Mana Aid measures The NBTC came out to help digital TV survive for a certain period. The changing media landscape, the public does not receive media via television as before. People will look at what they are interested in. Or follow new platforms Mass communication will reduce its role. พลัง ใน การ สื่อสาร จะ ไม่ เหมือน เดิม เนื่องจาก ผู้ บริโภค รับ สื่อ จาก กลุ่ม เฉพาะ มาก ดิจิทัล ดิจิทัล ไม่ พัฒนา เอง เอง เนื้อหา สนอง ตอบ ผู้รับ มาก มี ขึ้น รวม ถึง มี ความ ร่วมมือ ด้วย ผู้ ประกอบ การ ด้วย ผู้ ประกอบ การ ด้วย ผู้ ประกอบ การ องค์กร สื่อ ควร มี มาตรการ ช่วยเหลือ เยียวยา พนักงาน ที่ มี ภาระ อาจ จะ เป็น กองทุน ช่วยเหลือ หรือ การ ช่วย เพิ่มพูน ความ รู้ เพื่อ ให้ อยู่ รอด ทำงาน ต ต อ ไป

สื่อ ต้อง ปรับ ตัว ต้อง พัฒนา ตัว เอง ไม่ หยุด นิ่ง ต้อง เข้าใจ และ รู้ เท่าทัน เทคโนโลยี และ สื่อ สื่อ ที่ ไป ทีวี หลัก จะ จับ ทิศทาง ชม ที่ ช่อง ใหญ่ ขณะ ที่ ช่อง ทีวี บุคลิก เฉพาะ เพื่อ เข้าถึง บุคลิก เฉพาะ เพื่อ เข้าถึง กลุ่ม เฉพาะ เพื่อ เข้าถึง กลุ่ม เฉพาะ เพื่อ เป้าหมาย เฉพาะ กลุ่ม ส่วน การ เกิด ขึ้น ของ เว็บ ข่าว ที่ เกิด ขึ้น จาก คน ข่าว ที่ ออก จาก สำนัก ข่าว ไป แล้ว การ มี สำนัก ข่าว หรือ เว็บไซต์ ข่าว เกิด ข ข ข ้ น มี ข้อดี ของ ความ หลากหลาย แต่ ควร จะ มี การ ปรับ ตัว รูป แบบ การนำ เสนอ มี บิซิเนส โมเดล ที่ หลากหลาย เพราะ สื่อ ยุค ใหม่ สามารถ หา ราย ได้ ได้ หลาย แบบ เพื่อ ป้องกัน ไม่ ให้ เกิด คำถาม เรื่อง จริยธรรม "นาย มานะ กล่าว

57 หน้า หนึ่ง ของ วงการ โทรทัศน์ ภาคพื้น ดิน ระบบ ดิจิทัล ใน ประเทศไทย หรือ ทีวี ดิจิทัล 57 ต้น ออกอากาศ เมื่อ 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 เกือบ เกือบ เกือบ เกือบ เกือบ เกือบ เกือบ เกือบ เกือบ เกือบ ปี หาย ไป แล้ว 9 ช่อง ทีวี หลังจาก นี้ ยัง ต้อง ดู ว่า สุดท้าย แล้ว ที่ เหลือ อยู่ 15 ช่อง จะ ทำให้ ปัญหา ของ ทีวี ดิจิทัล หมด ไป จะ อยู่ รอด ค บ ทั้ง 15 ช่อง หรือ ไม่ … ต้อง ติดตาม ตอน ต่อ ไป

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