88% of Thais want to get the COVID 19 vaccine and more than 50% are concerned about side effects.

While the world waits Covid19 vaccine Market Buzz, an innovative market research on smartphones, tablets, PCs and applications. With more than 12 million users in Thailand A sample of 1,000 Thais nationwide was surveyed between November 20 and December 1, 2020 under the topic “ Thailand’s readiness with the COVID-19 vaccine. If There Is A Vaccine To Prevent COVID-19 Available Today, ”found that 88 percent of Thais should be vaccinated. Of these groups, 50 percent were concerned about side effects, while 42 percent were concerned that they would have to pay their own money to get vaccinated.

Experiment and development Covid19 vaccine It is still in the final stages of clinical studies. According to the survey, 29 percent of those needing vaccination gave up. They are readily available to get the vaccine when the vaccine is released, while 65 percent of those need it. That’s the majority. I still want to wait and see how the vaccine works before injecting it.

Those Ready to Get the First Vaccine Worried Less About Vaccines He has great faith in the research and development of the COVID 19 vaccine in Thailand. It’s safe and effective. They are also willing to pay for the vaccine.

For people who want to wait and see the results of the vaccine before getting vaccinated. That is the majority of people. The need for vaccination will be carefully considered. Because there are concerns about the side effects of the injection. Including the cost of getting vaccinated, that will happen.

Concern about side effects and confidence in the effectiveness of the vaccine. It’s a big reason some Thais think they won’t get vaccinated if they are available. They are also concerned about the amount they will have to pay for the vaccine.

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