Agitated! Surrounded by crocodiles, Tua Khuang temple, loose pond, elevation | 11/24/63 | Hua Kheaw news room – Thairath

  1. Agitated! Surrounded by Crocodiles, Tua Keang Loong Temple, Pond Liang | 11/24/63 | Hua Kheaw News RoomThairath
  2. Catch! Luang Por’s crocodile, over 3 meters long, fell from the sleeping pond at Sala WatSanook
  3. Over 100 kg of crocodile caught from a sleeping pond at the Sala Wat templePost today
  4. The crocodile fell from the pond. Wandering around – sunbathing in the village, chasing each other.fresh news
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