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Ambro, the famous sportswear brand, supports the Buriam Academy racing shirt.


Umbro clothing products And world-famous sports equipment Agreed to conclude a cooperation agreement with Buriram United to produce a race suit for the Buriram United Academy, which is believed to be an incentive for young generations to want to develop their pace. Ready to open, inexpensive, tangible.

Ambro – on May 16 in the Super Sport store Central World Branch, Mr. Thadthep Pitakpoons in Chief Executive Officer, Buriram United Company Limited and Mr. Thanaphum Phibunboon, Senior Director Product Management CRC Sport Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the new competition set from Buriram United Academy, both at home and away, designed and manufactured by Umbro.

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Mr. Thadthep said: "First of all I have to say that it is our honor that Buriram United Academy has a world class brand as a sponsor. Our Academy has been established for 10 years with the aim of developing and upgrading the club to grow sustainably. a unique playing style and has therefore set up a youth development team The past can develop And produce many players in the football industry, whether it is Chitipat instead of the middle, Yotapol Thiangdah 2, the player has the first generation That still competes always with the current large team Including young players of the modern era, such as Suphachai Sarachat, Kami New Jewels, Supanattha Ta-Ta, all from the Academy. "

"Obtaining a global brand to produce this competition It is another important step of Buriram United Academy that believes that children Many people dream of wearing a world-class brand that we see many famous teams in the football world wearing. I believe the starting point today will be another motivation for children. Van Academy will do the work And develop yourself to take the next step. "

Thanaphon said, "First of all, I must say that this is not the first time that both brands have worked together. We have shared the CP-Magic Cup international youth football together. Regarding this handshake from both Umbro and Buriram United Academy, they are seriously aware of the potential development of the youth-level team, and when it comes to the youth-level team, Buriram United Academy is regarded as Thailand's top continuous development team, capable of delivering the product on a large set, and is a team that has seriously structured the development of youth This is where we have a common approach. That is why the source of this handshake is. "

There are 2 colors for the Buriram United Academy competition set produced by the Umbro brand: the homecoming dresses are navy colors. With red straight lines And white on the fabric pattern The visiting set is supplied in white-blue tones. Football fans can buy today at the Super Sport store. Both locations in Bangkok and provinces including Buriram United Mega Store (Chang Arina Stadium) and Buriram United Shop Siam Square, priced at 590 baht

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