Can you change this? ‘World AIDS Day’, campaigning against HIV testing for work

With the issue of equality for people infected with “HIV” and AIDS, “World AIDS Day” in 2020 was discussed on “Get involved to change attitudes, don’t get tested for HIV before going to work” to sit down and discuss the real problem Is it time we started to consider him as a human?

To rememberInfectious HIV And who isAIDSIn Thai society that is no different than 20 Everyone saw that last year ‘She’ Shouldn’t be able to coexist normally with society

DespiteEvery day December 1 annually, World Health Organization (WHO) Will be defined as “World AIDS Day” or “World AIDS Day” For years 2531 Since All over the world, including Thailand, there is a campaign for prevention.And treat AIDS properly But there is one more thing that we sadly seem to ignore. WhichIsStigmatizing an infected person And understand them well.

With the problem of equality with infected people HIV And AIDS Make World Aid Day in the year 2563 this one There was a discussion on the topic. “Join in to change your attitude, don’t get tested for HIV before going to work” To discuss the problem Is it time we started to consider him human? Without the infectionDiseases come together.


  • Dreams and unattainable identities of people with HIV

Start the conversation with Pisa Chinda-in or Nuclear Representatives of the Network of Youth Living with HIV (TNY +) Network of young people with HIV (TNY +) Is a group with members consisting of a number of children and young people 472 people They joined forces to support children and young people living with HIV in Thailand who were being treated. And continued to use the right to treatment Encourage people with HIV to lead normal lives.

Nuclear Said the group of people who get involved the most are the infected HIV Young people of the age about to enter working age. Along with informing them Past statistics, infected people HIV about 90% Passed from mother to child

They know the status And its own state that is already infected HIV Stay with me Hence, their mental state is fragile. And a process called self-stigmatization already existed. “But whenThey enter the world of work. The world did not welcome him by stigmatizing him with a pre-employment HIV test. “

Even a blood test / health check before you go to work It will sound a bit to the audience. But compared to the infected person HIV Unintentional These steps are the “nightmares” that keep them from working. Or get the job he dreams of

There is a group of young people who like service work. Have a brother to study home economics And if you are going to work in an organization The company does a blood test before going to work. Is the research characteristic? 9 Terrible disease already 1 Then there is a disease HIV with As far as we’re going to talk No one dared to submit the results of blood tests to the company he applied for. Just knowing they need a blood test they won’t go. Because he knew he had an infection HIV to be

Nuclear Add that This is just the service. Household economy Still don’t include civil service work Some people can’t find themselves in a day or two. But some people have to make an effort. And practice to enter the job that dreams But he could not work there because the blood test did not meet the company’s requirements.

  • How much do Thai people understand “HIV” and “AIDS”?

The truth that people often misunderstandAIDS Is “Infected person HIV Doesn’t mean they have AIDS. ‘ sinceSourdough HIV It is a virus that destroys the human immune system. Resulting in Immune Deficiency What, if not treated urgently, will lead to AIDS in the following order

Divided into 3 phase Is First phase Become infected Rarely have symptoms / stage 2 has a bump / third stage has AIDS with complications. Therefore, those who are infected HIV If you are on antibiotics ThanAble to live normallyAnd can live with others BesidesInfected people HIV Not defined as a patient But called People with HIV “

Dr. Thanut Chinnabanchon from the Institute for HIV Research and Innovation (IHRI) Said Even in the past there was a campaign of experts. Explain knowledgeSo that society understands more about this issue But attitude Photo remember That has been built up for a long time and is difficult to erase. But I cannot always see the light in the dark.


I check my patients every day. I see a patient coming to work almost every week. But the company has the criteria for job placement, which is detection.HIV Which basically test for infection No one can force us to check this. But there are so many The company took to determine that. If you refuse to check, we won’t put it to work. Many people dream of becoming a teacher. Dreamed of being filled in for government service Some people want to become soldiers Want to serve the nation Wants to become a businessman But did not reach that profession

People with HIV He is like most people. No different from others He has the ability Have potential Therefore, we should not limit his ability.Just because there is an infection He is able to live a normal life in society. Can also be a very effective person in societyMD.Thanut say

About living with people in society Doctors stress that taking ARV is the most important thing!

I’ll just say that If you come and treat with me I’m only asking one thing. Is to complete all medications Do not stop If you could give me one story You can live normally. Without any difference Eating Social life Can do it normally The chance of infecting others is nearly impossible.

  • Laws Must Go With Proper Practice

Investing in used HIV medicines More than 3,000 million baht It will be wasted. If the infected person cannot return to normal life Some infected people are healthy. Have potential And do an excellent job


Supatra Naka Skin, Director of the AIDS Rights Protection Center and Chair of the Subcommittee on the Promotion and Protection of AIDS Rights Name the situation of the establishment, there are rules to have a blood test done before going to work.

Supatra said unitCivic work School Feb.. Used to announce that AIDS is a prohibited trait to work. But this scheme was withdrawn last year. 2550 So if you want to take the civil service entrance exam Citizens have no problem with blood tests. But the problem now is military service rules. And the police Meet Is the rule. Released last year 2004 toWith regard to the prohibited qualifications for AIDS to work The latest, just announced, is the raising of AIDS. And infected people HIV Come along

Is the cause of these problems This is the case as far as the organization has received complaints There are people taking military exams in the three southern border provinces. Is that he has endured everything? Until reaching the blood test procedure It looks like he failed because of the infection. HIV

That is why we raised this matter to file a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand. The directors have addressed this issue. And has passed a resolution stating that it is a human rights violation And it is discriminatory

Some people think that maybe ‘Discrimination’ only occurs in private organizations. But with government agencies, there are no less common problems. We believe that public authorities should be a role model for the private sector in eliminating discrimination. And does not stigmatize the infected person HIV

Problems in recruiting infected people. HIV really Is the concern for what follows an infected person. For example, cooking for fear of knives And the blood trickled down Or spit on splashing But I have to sayAntibacterial drugs HIV It has come a long way.

Estimates for last year 2563 Found that at the end of the year Thailand The estimated number of infected people will still be alive. 472,376 people Infected personNew 4,555 Annually average 33 Daily And the number of people infected They died of HIV 11,882 Annually average 32 Daily Have an infected person Known And were treated with antiretroviral drugs. 75.4 From infected people Diagnosed And in the number of people on antiretroviral therapy Can press the virus In the bloodstream Percentage 97.3

Who still has the same old mindset? About AIDS Which AIDS is dead. Incurable “ You may need to update your mindset. Because the knowledge of science in this age proved it AIDS can cure HIV-infected people who live together. “ Is a chronic disease that can be controlled Not sick Not dead And most importantly, a long life Strong and healthy It is no different from people who are not infected at all. whichThis new knowledge set Should be further expanded


We can accept anyone to work. Able to accept people with disabilities without worry Because the most important thing is Does he have the qualifications he wants? Qualified Some experience? Common characteristics that the company needs What we don’t look at what we don’t need to knowRichard Jones Senior Vice President, Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited) say

Last year we opened our company 2547 We investigate the disease Health check But don’t check HIV I understand that HIV Does not affect intelligence It has no effect if he does a good job with potential. We are making quotas available for staff to have blood tests done. If you want to check it But the blood goes to the employee, not the company.


side Chularat Inthathep Director.Division of Work Welfare Strategy Ministry of Labor Protection and Welfare Really said And take care of infected employees Or job application The Ministry of Labor has been helping for the year. 2548 Guidance issued There it is about the protection of rights. Protection But legislation is still difficult. It is still just a regulation that is not legally enforced.

But if there is a problem Can file a complaint with the Ministry of LaborYes, because there is a policy for employers to protect their rights There should be no infection testing. HIV andMore important than law enforcement Is to create knowledge Understanding for employeesAnd employer Must cooperate Create understandingEach other

The panel ended in an hour, but the issue of human rights violations and “HIV testing before work” has yet to be reviewed in the long term. And collaborate with many sectors So that no one was left behind

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