Check your horoscope before November 28, 2020 | Daily news

Solar time November 28, 2020 Lunar period Corresponds to Saturday, 13th lunar month, 1 year Chawad Toke, 1382 congregation Rising Sun Time 06.12 am That’s right Time 12.02. Sunset Time 17.51 Get up on Monday At 6.20 pm

Today Time 00.00-01.30 Daochan Saveaw Asavani, the first constellation, consists of the Litto of Litto, which means the applicant, the lesser, the poor. Rerik Mahatthano means the rich rich rich with wealth of wealth from 06.08-06.24 am. – No favorable time 06.25-24.00 The favorable direction – Udon (north), unfortunate direction – Thaksin (south) daily color – black Favorable colors – azure blue, unfortunate color – fresh green. The constellation of the star Sri Satit – Libra Constellation Kali resides – Scorpio

Boy born today Good appearance Having courage Often from the home that becomes rich in properties. Open-minded, open, honest, love, honor, intelligence, good memory, good intelligence, straightforward speaking, foresight, foresight, accurate predictions girl Have strong spirit, virtue, sincerity, love, honor, philanthropy, courage, thought, dare to like, study, have reason, be famous. Just like Mother Sri Ruen behind the scenes

Born on Sunday Money was spent on association and social work. There are housing improvements. Will receive a long repayment of debts owed by others You must be careful with your finances and spend your money well. Will receive a gift There are many people of the opposite sex. Before making a decision with anyone, you should learn and research the history carefully.

Born Monday Will be associated with knowledgeable people Have a commitment to work on building a financial position There is a better development. You have to be careful and careful in your emotions. Being fast can easily make mistakes. Must listen to the advice of those around him There will be a trip to attend important events.

Born Tuesday Better money and gold circulation If any money is left, it should be kept for use in times of need. Beware that there will be problems with love affairs, conflict with your lover. Therefore, the mutual understanding also needs to be adjusted. Should take your loved one to travel and relax. Relationships will improve. People like to help and take care of each other.

Born on Wednesday New projects are started A friend introducing a new job should be careful about making friends. For even more misunderstandings Because he is an intelligent person Knowledgeable Why succeed in the role of work Money was used to help siblings, friends and loved ones.

Born Thursday Beware that there will be love conflicts for little reason. Everything fits along the way, as a lover of freedom. Therefore, rarely be jealous or run after someone who is bothering Despite being in love, it is a love that has a close friendship, helps and cares for each other. The mistrust was completely removed.

Born Friday Will get a satisfying job Have more expenses So be careful when spending Because it may be an unnecessary waste of money Beware of financial loss Some of the money is spent on housing. Education and family vacations Will meet many people You need to know how to save and be more careful in life.

Born on Saturday The servers and colleagues are very helpful. Work done appears Get the chance to study and train more Will work in a charity organization Will meet many people The work you do requires a lot of imagination and analysis. The lover acts like a good friend. Can consult Enemies become friends.

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