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"Commercial" to win this year, export 2-3%, go through the fire, the secondary market on the run from death.


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Ms. Chutima Bunyaprapasorn, Minister of Commerce, revealed the impact of the US. Increasing import rates on new products from China up to 25% and China announcing import duties on goods from the United States is an answer to that Causing the global economy to slow down and trade and investment Global stock market volatility The people affected are not alone the United States and China, but all affected countries. Including Thailand, which means that the expected Thai export value this year will decrease from the goal of the Ministry of Commerce to grow by 8% compared to last year

"The trade war has influenced the world. Don't know how long it will be. Because the US can raise the Chinese tax again. This will decrease the economy and the purchasing power of the world. Of course, this will affect Thai exports this year. -3% is growing, is it considered good, but how much can be expanded? Or will the ministry lower this year? Must we wait for the results of the situation assessment together with the commercial ambassador at the end of May? "

In case the Office of Trade Policy and Strategy estimates that the impact of the United States is to increase the import tax on Chinese products to 25%, worth US $ 200,000 million. Will the Thai export value decrease this year by 5,600-6.7 million US dollar or 2.2% of the total export value Is an assessment based on academic principles Based on Thai exports to the United States to replace imports from China Expected to increase Including the export of Thai products to China, etc. Through the export promotion plan This year will focus on penetrating the secondary and secondary cities of China, new states and secondary states of the United States and India, as well as other markets such as the Middle East , Africa will begin to see good results for exports At the end of this year and the result will be clear next year.

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