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"Diabetic" lesions can be easily infected, difficult to cure. Hurry to heal before you spread "cut feet"

"Diabetes" is currently considered a major problem. This causes many complications, the most important of which is "diabetes incidence"

Watch the drama and look back … It is assumed that this word is known. If someone is a fan of the drama karma that she swallows with diabetes and then spreads to the wound and refused to be cut because of the worrying issue of diabetic patients When the wound has occurred, it can be easily infected and difficult to heal. The best way for patients to care Do not neglect the wound.

How can diabetes occur?

Dr. Sutathip Vejwit Warakun Vascular surgeon Doctor Bangkok Hospital says that diabetic ulcers are a common chronic wound, the main cause of which is often caused by people with diabetes who have had high blood sugar levels for a long time. There is a risk of peripheral nervous system. Including the distal blood vessels are damaged Resulting in venous thrombosis and eventually blockage When the foot has a lack of blood The result is that the wound is healed due to lack of blood to feed

Moreover, people with diabetes will have less nervous system or feel less depressed. Therefore, numbness caused. Do not feel pain when touching heat or cold, there are wounds or even something that often occurs, such as a claw nail that can easily infect the wound and tapeworm. If the wound in the foot is often not felt during the first period Then you know, the wound has already spread Makes treatment difficult The process of wound healing of the body is delayed. The disorder of the nervous system also causes the muscles not to work properly. The foot is distorted. Bones in the area of ​​some bones must gain more weight and also become wounds. And if there is a serious infection Patients may have to cut off their feet or legs.

Risk groups of diabetic ulcers

The risk of diabetic ulcers in diabetic patients with chronic diabetic ulcers is 5-10 years, the more diabetes there is, the greater the risk of wounds.

Factors in diabetic ulcers

The factor of ulcers in the feet of diabetic patients is people with chronic diabetes. And control over sugar levels, no more smoking But found that 85 percent of the losses can be prevented by research Care for wounds and blood vessels from the earliest stages, therefore early detection and care is especially important for foot health in people with diabetes.

Problems that occur after diabetic ulcers

For patients with diabetes, if a wound occurs There are 2 main problems that occur.

  1. With venous thrombosis or tons That causes insufficient blood flow to the feet This group of patients will start with calf pain. Can walk only a short distance Must sit and rest due to insufficient blood supply to the muscles If a diabetic patient is not treated at an early stage Expansion until the blood is not fed into a chronic wound Which progression period depends on how seriously injured or infectious the wound, so finding a wound or foot problem in a diabetic patient is the best way Should seek medical attention immediately
  2. Because diabetic patients have high blood sugar levels If you do not control sugar, the wound will be easier to infect and make it difficult to heal

Diabetic examination and diagnosis

Start with a doctor who makes a history and checks the wound. If a diabetic has a wound The doctor will evaluate the position of the wound, the pulse sensation, check for anesthesia and deformities of the foot. • Check the ankle-brachial index to evaluate the arterial disease in the arms and legs. The principle is to compare the blood pressure between the arm artery and the arteries in the leg, single, usually not less than 0.9. If less than 0.9 is considered abnormal, the blood is too small. And establish oxygen levels in patients with vascular and chronic ulcers To see the level of oxygen deficiency Check with high frequency (Doppler ultrasound) to see arteriosclerosis. Evaluate the blood flow to the feet and the CT angiogram together with the color injection to examine whether the veins are narrowed or not.

How to treat chronic wounds from narrowed blood vessels in diabetic patients

  1. Patients with diabetes must properly regulate blood sugar levels. Because otherwise he could not cure the infection. As a high blood sugar level. The body system will not work properly. Cannot remove the infection from the body
  2. Balloon dilation To allow the blood to feed the injured area Treatment with vascular balloon technology can be performed in elderly patients. This has underlying diseases because it will disrupt the body's work system less. Compared to the past, most methods used by bypass therapy are considered a major operation that the doctor uses the veins or artificial veins to sewing by crossing the veins. However, choosing the right technology is an important part of treating patients.

In watching the drama, Karma is a sympathy for the old people who have not had access to vascular treatment technology. Therefore, the importance of treatment, diet, or medical visits did not see Because what he saw was a different result When he started, he started cutting his feet and cutting his feet. Afraid to go to a doctor and will be cut continuously. Fight in the house, eat what you want to eat, sweets, sweet fruit, seasonal at our home Until the time that really can not be maintained I think that Must emphasize that the treatment of these wounds is much greater than before. The treatment results are much different than before. Treatment by a vascular doctor together with a follow-up treatment by a doctor with diabetes Helps reduce the risk of infection Reduce the violence that will occur And ensure that patients use their daily lives smoothly

Prevention of diabetic ulcers

  1. To prevent and treat diabetes, the most important thing is to keep the sugar level at a normal level.
  2. Keep your feet clean. And continue to check foot care before going to bed to check the foot every day. The patient's admission must have a mirror to see the bottom of the foot to relieve toes and feet. Because numbness does not hurt, the wound will do not disturb the patient until it has spread.
  3. Apply the cream to prevent dry feet from cracking.
  4. If there is a deformed foot, special shoes may be needed for the patient to receive the foot shape and prevent foot ulcers easily.
  5. When the wound occurs, it should not be delayed and heal itself until it spreads. Must consult a medical professional immediately

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