“Fah Khwan Nakhon” Singer Dan Sato hands over 100,000 baht to help the southern brothers

From the flood In the south there is currently the “Phai Roi Kor” camp with Mr. Phayap Kham Phan (Chairman of the Thai Buddha Amulet Association) with the singer Bin La “Fa Khwan Nakhon”, the owner of famous songs. “Legend Muang Khon”, “Pump Kid”, “Tepp Kid” and most recently “Thung Thantawan” have realized their love for their hometown. Donate money to help the southern people suffering from the flood This money is the show’s contribution of her own singing raised through “Kru Chao Khao Thalu”, a famous DJ 100,000 baht. The singer’s donation this time. Will be used to set up a relief center for flood victims, including rice, dry food, people in need of assistance can contact to obtain consumer goods from teacher Chao Khao Thalu, call 089-474-0111.

In addition, the Association of Thai Buddha Amulets is popular with “Phayap Kham Phan” the president of the association. Also accept provisional donations from members of monk circles Dump stream water to aid flooding in the amount of more than 8 hundred thousand baht allocated to “B Bo Lo”, vice president of the association. Continue to bring the money as said to buy rice, dry food and survival bags to those who suffered the floods in Nakhon Si Thammarat province and the affected provinces.

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