Farmers revealed that the price was suppressed Paddy less than ten thousand per ton: PPTVHD36

The problem of low rice prices. Until the farmer killed the appraiser In Phayao province today Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Who owns the area to check the facts According to misunderstandings, the government has a price intervention program to help all farmers. While the farmers Looking to buy rice in some areas There is no clear standard The trading price depends on the merchant.

Farmers are unfolding! Big companies lower prices for rice Until farmers lose their losses

Farmers demand a fight. Urgent to fix the rice, the price is falling, suffer heavy losses, fear, repeat the shooting of appraisers

Farmers in Wang Thong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phayao Province are speeding up their harvest in the fields Preparing for sale Although the price of paddy has dropped below 10 baht per kilo, many people have been forced to sell paddy rice. To use the money to use the invested debt

Farmers say bring Paddy to every sale Farmers are often endorsed by merchants. Both moisture and impurity In addition, traders sometimes use their gut to determine the price. Make every trade Prices are not the same. Even though it is rice from the same field But sold every day, the price is not the same

While today Captain Thammanat Promphao, Minister of Agriculture and Co-operatives Trip to Phayao Province Interviewed about the problem of rice prices posing as a misunderstanding among farmers. Who did the Phayao model project last year This allows the private sector to buy rice from farmers at a price of around 18,000 baht per ton, or if it is raw rice, 13 baht per kilogram, 50 satang

But this year the government Assigned to the STO to become an intermediary in the price of rice By assuring the price of jasmine rice Plus the cost of product improvement Or inputs And the harvest costs again The price of rice sold is 14 to 15 baht per kilogram, but farmers are expected to understand the problem. Who understand that money is only sold to merchants About 9 – 10 baht per kilogram

But actually The government will make up for the difference in full until the amount of 13 baht 69 satang from the BAAC transfers the money to the account within 35 days.

After this, the publicity will be accelerated by notifying the Kaset District Understanding the farmers in the 9 districts of Phayao province And in other provinces across the country, the government has taken measures to help farmers To ease the pressure And stress of farmers

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