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Flu vaccination for school-age children


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Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai Director General of the Department of Disease Control (Cor.) Discussed the situation of influenza that from January to April, found 1.5 thousand patients and 10 deaths.

Every year, however, there are plans for flu vaccination, which are divided into 2 parts: 1. Risk groups that work to meet people, especially medical staff, will use the school's budget. 2. Vaccination. To reduce the number of deaths in 7 risk groups, such as 6-month-3-year-old children, pregnant women, the elderly, obese and people with underlying conditions This section uses the 400 million baht budget from the National Health Security Office, which was published last year 2019 has imported 400,000 doses of vaccine, which has been gradually vaccinated since the end of vaccination. April .. Etc. For other vaccines, for example, school-age children must first understand that the intention is not to reduce death. But to reduce illness And I hope to reduce the spread of infections to others Because if you look at another aspect, the illness of school-going children can cause the child to miss school. Dear friends Some people do not take the exam. And can influence growth This is also considered an important part. That is why the immunization subcommittee considered vaccination in school-aged children in the fiscal year 2020. The National Vaccine Committee is considering presenting

"In the first instance, the number of children going to school will be 12, that is to say Primary 1-6, there will be around 800,000 students every year. If the number of children increases, this budget must be increased by almost a billion baht. But the more vaccines are bought, the cheaper And most importantly, the Pharmaceutical Organization (OPD) has set up a factory to produce flu vaccines What should see results soon And this is expected to make the vaccine price cheaper, "the director general said.

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