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"FLYFF" to open CGT-CGT only fishes to Express 9 December.

Fly surfing! "Flyff," the ultimate MMORPG that anyone can fly from Playpark. Open Beta test closed today and hurry to fly only on December 9 and fly to Express.

"Fly For Fun" or "Flyff" (FFFFF) is a MMORPG fantasy that allows players to fly freely in the air with a variety of vehicles. Equipped with different careers and skills. Let the players participate in the party in the global adventure. Fight with these challenging monsters and bosses. To solve puzzles and find secrets in the country of Medrill.

To welcome the return of Flyff, players can register in advance. Receive now the welcome box and the police kit – December 14, 2018. More click! There are also special events for those participating in the CGT. Flyff activities

"Flyff" opened the Closed Beta test on 9 December 2009. Register and download the game. http://bit.ly/Flyff-PlayPark_Download More news on the website. https://flyff.playpark.com And Facebook Fan page https://www.facebook.com/Playpark.Flyff.TH

* Game Management Team I invite all readers to become a fan page. ManagerGame Facebook to add more channels to the game offline

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