Google Photos is back! No more free space from 1 June ’21

Google Photos, a gallery from Google with important upload features. Or leave photos to users for free Free Unlimited Space But the image uploaded for free is not the actual size. Ready to be compressed to smaller size and instantly backed up to the account. To upload the original file format There is an additional service charge to pay.

But it seems like bad news recently as Google Photos announced the removal of unlimited free photo uploads. Start June 1, 2021 or mid next year It affects both Android and iOS operating systems. From here, any Upload file can Count towards the free 15GB and if desired Use more Must buy more space according to regulations

However, Google Photos is still generous, photos uploaded before June 1, 2021 will not count and Google will cover the full 15 GB. Or open a subscription service like Google One (if the image file is less than 15 GB, it can be used for free)

On June 1, 2021, Google will have a button or tool that allows users to manage these images. Or all videos in Google Photos uploaded On that day should be an update of the app And started cutting this service It is still considered a long time for Google Photos to cancel the free hosting. Anyone who is free cable will have to look for other services to wait.

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