Klopp updates Hendo for duel Brighton

Klopp updates Hendo for duel Brighton

Will Jordan Henderson have a chance to come back to help Liverpool in the Brighton game?

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp confirmed that midfielder Jordan Henderson was the captain. Come back to practice before heading to the Brighton and Hove Albion in the English Premier League on Saturday 28 November (7:30 PM Thailand time).

Hendo, 30, sustained a thigh injury while serving for England. Until Anfield made a mistake to help the agency in the last two games in the “Reds” open nest, Anfield attacked Leicester City 3-0 last week, beating Atalanta 0-2 at home in the UEFA Champions Cup. The group stage of the competition on Wednesday, November 25 has ended.

German footballer Said at a press conference: “Hendo has been practicing since yesterday. As part of the team exercise. Then I went to private practice sessions. We have to keep watching, and the rest of the injured have to recover. We have to make another decision.”

On the issue where the UK government has allowed Liverpool to have no more than 2,000 people on the pitch since December 2, Klopp said: “I hope we can bring 2,000 spectators onto the pitch. It’s a small step. good direction ”

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