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Netflix is ​​preparing to launch its first video game on E3 2019.

Although Netflix does business in entertainment such as movies and series. But now prepare to expand new business. Regarding the game to also enter. And prepare for the E3 2019, which is also considered a major event for the gaming industry

Comes with the slogan "Bring your favorite shows & # 39; s to life: developing Netflix originals in video games." This is developed from your favorite film

That means we can see new games. That is a character and a story Comes from various famous films That is projected on the Netflix platform

And this should not only be a small project, because Netflix expects to make a large budget. And the finisher prepared Is to communicate with the audience Or an interactive experience

This work is possible We can see new history. It is possible from the gaming and film industry It could be something that has been torn apart from the entertainment style that we had from E3 2019 up to this time.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

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